Wedding Planning Tips. Fiona + Curtis Diamond

Plan a stress free wedding with insightful tips from real couples who have already walked down that aisle. Wedding photography by Cristiano Ostinelli Studio.

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Couple : Fiona + Curtis Diamond
Location : Lake Como
Wedding Photographer Website : Cristiano Ostinelli Studio
Ceremony Location : Villa Balbeniollo, Italy
Reception : Villa Balbeniollo, Italy
Wedding Date : 10th September 2014

Wedding Planning Tips

1. Don't stress it isn't about the favours, or even the flowers the day is 100% about marrying the man of your dreams. On the day you wont care if your colours don't match or if you forget to buy something.

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio image 1

2. Only invite people you want there - do not feel pressured by family or friends to have people at the most intimate day of your life if you don't have a relationship with them. I like the 5/10 year question - will the person (or there plus one!!!) still be a close friend in 10 years if the answer is no - then cut them off your list.

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio image 2

3. TIME - give yourself time the night before to spend time with your bridesmaids and mother - this is important and it goes way to fast.

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio image 3

4. BRIDES GET A PHOTO WITH YOUR MOTHER!!! I didn't realise until after but this is the photo you miss - you will have millions with your husband, lots with your dad as he walks you down the isle but unfortunately the presence of your mother can be lost on your wedding day - don't let this happen as this was one of my only regrets.

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5. Have some alone time as husband and wife after you get married - treasure those moments as you will remember them forever.

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Cristiano Ostinelli was our wedding photographer. I think we booked him at least 18 months before our wedding day. We knew that wedding photographers can get booked up far in advance, especially good wedding photographers in demand. We booked Cristiano simply because he is the BEST wedding photographer. We originally considered flying out an English photographer after scare stories that you can have a language barrier etc with a foreign photographer. I am glad we didn't listen.

Cristiano is professional and a superb wedding photographer. His photos are memories we will treasure forever to show our children and our children's children.

Cristiano Ostinelli Studio image 6

We would recommend talk to your wedding photographer first,make sure they understand what you and your partner want but also trust your wedding photographer ,allow them to do the job you paid them to do job, as they know best.

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Wedding Dress Details

Suzanne Neville - Dress called Lady.

Wedding Shoes Details

Rainbow club

Wedding Flowers Details

Rattiflora Lake Como

Wedding Ceremony Details

Villa Balbeniollo

Wedding Venue Details

Lido Di Lenno

Bridesmaids Dresses

Jenny Packham

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