Wedding Photography Awards Judges

We've hand picked some amazing wedding photographers from around the world to be on our panel of permanent judges. These guys and gals are simply awesome.

Image By Dimitri Voronov

Dimitri Voronov

Hi, I'm Dimitri, a destination wedding photographer based in Barcelona. My clients are the centre stage of our photography. I create with an open heart dedicated exclusively to them. The inspiration to tell their wedding story comes from the connection between us. The images I take are deeply embedded with sincere emotions. They are made to evoke the strongest feelings about life.

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Image By Alex Păsărelu

Alex Păsărelu

Hi, I'm Alex, from Bucharest (Romania) and I'm in love with my daughter, my wife and wedding photography. After years doing commercial photography, I decided to let all go and chase for memories and love. This was not a difficult decision at all. Getting married to my beautiful wife I discovered this beautiful art through the eyes of two wonderful photographers. I just loved the idea of being the one who shapes through light and shadows to memories and people's feelings from such an emotional day.
It's now been 6 years, and I don't see myself doing something else other than wedding photography. This beautiful form of art brought me so much satisfaction, like national and international awards, wedding conferences, participating as a speaker, including the honor of judging amazing images from our colleagues here at WPS.
Enjoy light, enjoy moments!

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Image By Beth Winstead

Beth Winstead

We are Beth & Chad, Winstead Photo & Video, and are a soon to be husband and wife team based in Eastern North Carolina. We specialize in delivering modern, yet timeless wedding photography. We love to capture all of the moments of the day discreetly with a twist on unique lighting and angles, and delivering beautiful, vibrant portraiture. Our photos have won several awards on SLR Lounge, Fearless Photographers, Masters of Wedding Photography, and more. Chad was named the 2016 Wedding & Portrait Society's Photographer of the Year.

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Image By Tara Theilen

Tara Theilen

We are Tara Theilen and Matt Theilen. Just two people in love with life and passionate about what we do. We met in 1998 when Matt was living in his VW van, spending winters rock climbing in Joshua Tree while Tara was finishing up graduate school in Tucson. Over the next 9 years we were friends living our lives in different places. We would see each other and hang out from time to time, mostly high up on a rock face or on some long, mosquito-ridden approach in the Sierras. We were both rock climbers and sought out the solitude and adventure of the mountains. In 2007 a tragedy brought us together (this is a story best told in person) and we needed to be near each other, so Tara moved out to Lake Tahoe. We soon fell in love with each other and naturally, we united forces photographing weddings and building this amazing business together. We have never looked back. Our little family in the mountains consists of our creatively quirky and curious daughter Zoe, and our dog Daisy.

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Image By Daniel Ribeiro

Daniel Ribeiro

I am a storyteller who lives in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso doSul and my greatest pleasure is to photograph and eternalize beautiful moments for all who trust me with such a special day. I am a winner of several prestigious international wedding photo awards around the world. Weddings and wedding photography are my passions.

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Image By Jader Morais

Jader Morais

I am the journalist and professional photographer Jader Morais. I have been a photographer for over 10 years. I am a lover and fascinated by this art and I love telling stories through unusual images. My work is focused on the concept of photojournalism and photography, which aims to photograph all moments in their reality. My work goes beyond photographing. I am looking for a connection with my clients to really understand their needs and expectations, so that on their big day, they can make the most of their event from start to finish, with the peace of mind and the certainty that they will receive a job with quality and originality. Awarded in several Wedding Photography Associations in the world such as WPS, Fearless, Inspiration, Bride, FineArt, Prime, XP Photographers, among others. My goal is to always do and deliver something unique with every click I make. Big hug!"

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Image By Maryline Krynicki

Maryline Krynicki

I've been a wedding photographer for twelve years and I still have the same desire and passion that I've always had to capture the story of all my brides and grooms. To create a beautiful report of every wedding day, immersing myself in the atmosphere, relationship and emotions of a marriage. I make like to create natural and authentic photos. I capture your emotions and the moments you live. I define myself as a wedding photojournalist.

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Image By Anne Sophie Maestracci

Anne Sophie Maestracci

French by birth, Thailand resident photographer by choice since 2008, Anne-Sophie easily distinguishes herself with a discerning eye for technical detail and an artist’s flair for accentuating the beauty of those in love. Her style is uniquely empathetic with her clients and their environmwnt.

A regular editorial feature for international bridal, lifestyle and property magazines, she brings to celebrations years of high-end photographic and editing experience. Efficient, discreet and disarming, Anne-Sophie’s true ability as a photographer lies in her talent at capturing the emotion of a moment.

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Image By Louis Brunet

Louis Brunet

Hey, I’m Louis. A few years ago, after meeting some great photographers around the world, I’ve decided to quit my engineer job to be a full time wedding photographer. I’ve been living in different countries in Europe and I’m now based in western France. I shoot weddings and beautiful couples in many places around the world and I’m really proud to be listed among those amazing photographers judging international contests.

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Image By Luigi Rota

Luigi Rota

Luigi was one of the first pioneer photographers to apply the reportage approach in wedding photography. By changing style and techniques he continues to produce dynamic and emotional images of the highest quality. He has received important awards and international recognitions, such as: QIP and QEP – FEP about wedding photography and has become a member of the most prominent international associations of professional photographers: WPJA, AGWPJA, WPPI, ISPWP, FEARLESS, ISPWP, WPS along with the Italian ones: ANFM, Tau-Visual, FIOF. He was selected as a founder member of BOWP (Best Of Wedding Photography) Italy, an association which acknowledges the best wedding photographers in the world. A great number of his images have been published in wedding magazines, books, issues, exhibitions and have won several competitions around the world.

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Image By Alberto Sagrado

Alberto Sagrado

I am Alberto Sagrado a member of Sagrado Studios based in Spain. We are authentic, determined people who value the unique moments that make each wedding special. We like to put the best of ourselves in all our work and that's why we capture everything in great detail. We have more than 20 years experience and we are endorsed as the best professionals and experts in capturing the essence of any wedding.

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Image By Andreas Pollok

Andreas Pollok

Andreas Pollok is an international award winning weddding photographer from Germany. He is based near Heidelberg and Frankfurt. He photographs the wedding day in a creative documentary style with dramatic and romantic portraits. But first of all, "he really LoVes WhAT he is Doing".

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Image By Kemran Shiraliev

Kemran Shiraliev

I love art photography. I shoot about 100 weddings a year and love every moment. I like to create complex photographs without using processing. Photographer of the year ISPWP 2016, Top 10 Fearless 2018.

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Image By Cafa Liu

Cafa Liu

I like photographing Moments using unique angles and plenty of emotion throughout the wedding day. I am seeking, predicting, and capturing. I am not a story maker, but rather a story teller. My style is telling the story of what the couple want to say in an artistic way-CAFA. The calm person telling a calm story, the passionate person telling a passionate story, all by means of the picture. Ranked 2nd place 3 times in a row on ISPWP's TOP 100 in the world (2016,2017,2018) Top 10 Fearless Photographers 2017 and 2016.

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Image By Yves Schepers

Yves Schepers

A former engineer, Yves Schepers is considered one of the rising stars in the international wedding photography scene. With only 4 years into the game he’s built a noteworthy portfolio consisting of both strong, graphical, creative portraits and authentic documentary images. His work is recognized around the globe and he has won numerous international awards with highlights being named Best Photographer of 2017 by Masters of Wedding Photography Benelux and Top 10 of wedding photographers in 2017 by Fearless Photographer.

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Image By Stéphane Le Ludec

Stéphane Le Ludec

My name is Andrea Bagnasco and I am an international award-winning documentary wedding photographer. I am member of Fearless Photographers, ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), WPJA (wedding photojournalist ass.) and WBWP (world's best wedding photos). I speak fluent English, I'm based in Varazze, on the Italian Riviera and I'm available for weddings locally or internationally.

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Image By Bozhidar Krastev

Bozhidar Krastev

Being a wedding photographer has turned out to be my greatest passion ever. I have fallen in love with capturing the emotion and spirit of the most special day.

I would rather go for the unique moment and its timeless emotion than direct or prepare the scene to achieve a fabulous image. It is my ambition to be recognized as the wedding photographer whose images provoke tears and smiles over and every time one looks back at the wedding album.

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Image By Chad Winstead

Chad Winstead

We are Beth & Chad, Winstead Photo & Video, and are a soon to be husband and wife team based in Eastern North Carolina. We specialize in delivering modern, yet timeless wedding photography. We love to capture all of the moments of the day discreetly with a twist on unique lighting and angles, and delivering beautiful, vibrant portraiture. Our photos have won several awards on SLR Lounge, Fearless Photographers, Masters of Wedding Photography, and more. Chad was named the 2016 Wedding & Portrait Society's Photographer of the Year.

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Image By Wedding Photography Select

Wedding Photography Select

Wedding Photography Select is an international wedding photography association showcasing the best wedding photographers in the world. Curators of the Excellence Awards for over 4 years. WPS is passionate about inspirational wedding photography.

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Image By Daniel Ribeiro

Daniel Ribeiro

The photographer Daniel Ribeiro is responsible for estudod and is part of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, the ISPWP. His studio has numerous award winning photographs. Allowing him to be considered in the ISPWP ranking, being in the TOP 10 by 3 times alongside the biggest names in world photography and ranking first the lastest competitions. He has won multiple awards with several award-winning images and associations.

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Image By Matthew Sowa

Matthew Sowa

Matthew Sowa has been based in New York City for over 20 years and has been a wedding photographer for over decade, covering more than 500 weddings. Creativity,passion and energy define his style. His documentary wedding approach is balanced by a contemporary portraits created in dramatic way. He infuses his work with enthusiasm,spontaneity and fresh original eye. His unique perspective and dramatic mood are based on the strong and simple composition to emphasis his images very often in black & white form, leaving nothing between the content.

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Image By Virginia Gimeno

Virginia Gimeno

Virginia Gimeno is a photographic artist who specializes in wedding photography. She has a bachelor of Fine Arts from the Complutense’s University, Madrid 1998. Virginia started her wedding business in 2009, she has captured weddings across the globe and went on to win many international photography awards from multiple organisations. WPS, Fearless, ISPWP and WPJA. Virginia is recognized for her storyteller approach to weddings.

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Image By Isabelle Hattink

Isabelle Hattink

Isabelle lives with her partner, daughter and dog in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She has been a photographer since 2001 after she obtained her degree in photographic design from the Academy of Art and Design in the Netherlands. She has been shooting weddings for fifteen years and has shot more than 600 weddings. Isabelle photographs weddings with enthusiasm and passion to show a real life story. 'I love spontaneous, powerful and exuberant emotions. The moment in photography is the most important ingredient for a good picture. Isabelle enjoys teaching as well. FotoBelle has been rewarded with numerous accolades by esteemed photography associations like, WPJA, ISPWP, Fearless, Wedding Photography Select, Mywed, and more. In 2015 they were named One of the Top 20 Fearless Photographers in the World.

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Image By Andrew Billington

Andrew Billington

I live in the North West of England with Rachel and my two lovely dogs and photograph weddings and theatre.

The story of a wedding day is what I like to focus on - what is it about these two people, their family and friends that interests me. What’s different at this wedding, what’s the same? I’ve been doing this for 15 years now and still enjoy telling stories.”

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Image By Christelle Rall

Christelle Rall

Christelle has been shooting weddings for almost a decade and covered more than 500 weddings as the main shooter. Her style is creative, unique and innovative. Her images portray unscripted emotion that show the wedding day as it happens with all the in-between moments and memories. Her work speaks for itself with many international accolades, awards and publications. In the last year alone, she won 'Best wedding photographer" by Admired in Africa, ranked in the 'Top wedding photographers of the year - 2015" by Fearless Photographers (USA) and ranked in the Top 20 in the world by both the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) as well as Wedding Photography Select (UK).

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Image By Gabriel Scharis

Gabriel Scharis

A good Wedding photo is more than just a picture. It's a story or a work of art. Every day I work harder to create those memories that last forever.

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Image By Paul Woo

Paul Woo

I simply love weddings of all shapes and sizes. When I look at the industry I see photographers being attracted to certain styles of weddings and locations, but for me, as long as you love and excited to see each other, I’m there for you. There’s something magical where friend and family come together to celebrate two people in love. To capture the day filled with tears, laughter, and love is really a privilege and very special to me. What I love the most is seeing my couples re living their day when they look at their photos and remember their memories and especially the love.

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Image By Matei Horvath

Matei Horvath

Matei Horvath is an award-winning ar2st and photographer specializing in bespoke wedding photography, portraits and editorial work. Based in Los Angeles, Matei Horvath Studio is also known for its exper2se in South Asian and des2na2on weddings all over the world.

Matei’s aesthe2c is heavily influenced by years of work in photojournalism, Fine Art studies and a deep fascina2on with human connec2on. His style is raw, fun, authen2c and crea2ve documentary photography that provokes conven2on. Matei is a proud member of ISPWP, Masters of Wedding Photography, Fearless Photographers and WPS and his work was featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar Bride, Grace Ormonde, South Asian Bride Magazine, Huffington Post, People Magazine, Us Weekly, OWN TV, Dr Oz and Entertainment Tonight among others.

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Image By Shaunte' Dittmar

Shaunte' Dittmar

In photography, I like to keep it real. In life, I like to keep it real. I am a documentary photographer who loves what I do. I have been blessed to be trained by talents like Ed Kashi and Alex Webb and have earned myself some recognition with National Geographic as well as have ranked in the top 50 with WPJA the last 4 years. I live in the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe but find myself traveling often all around the globe. When I'm not photographing I'm skiing or mountain biking and keeping life simple.

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Image By Leandro Donato

Leandro Donato

Leandro Donato, the son of a photographer, with more than 19 years photographing weddings has more than 100 national and international awards, won the TOP 20 three times at WPS in 2012/2015/2016 and photographer of year of 2017 by Inspiração Fotógrafos (Brazilian Association). He has also been in the ISPWP Top 20 list and among the 50 best in the world by AG / WPJA. Leandro is an accomplished photographer, speaker and teacher.

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Image By Ciprian Dumitrescu

Ciprian Dumitrescu

I always try capture the most wonderful moments possible to enjoy them for a life time.
I love rock music, happy and joyful people who love life and they love to live the moment. Good photography is not only the work of the man behind the camera, it is the result of team work in which the photographer and the customer take their designated role. By working together, we can create timeless memories for the clients and their loved ones.

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Image By Peter van der Lingen

Peter van der Lingen

Peter van der Lingen is a professional who knows how to reach the core of solidarity. He speaks with his images. When Peter looks through his lens, he looks with his heart and with his feelings. Purity that plays with forms, light and movement. This gives surprising images. It is great that in these times, where much emphasis is placed on editing, he dares to go for natural, high-quality photography. For over 15 years I have been able to record the most beautiful wedding days.

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Image By Donatella Barbera

Donatella Barbera

Donatella Barbera is a international photographer based in Tuscany, Italy. She is cheerful, outgoing, stubborn and resourceful.She has a photojournalistic approach and loves to capture moments and emotions. She is happy to photograph weddings in Tuscany and throughout Italy, however enjoys to discover new places, people and cultures by photographing weddings around the world. She is recognized by the most important international associations. In 2016 she was named in the TOP 10 Fearless Photographers, TOP 10 ISPWP FALL and TOP 20 WPS.

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Image By David West

David West

Recently named one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the world, David West uses a creative and stylish approach to his wedding photography. David's style is often described as contemporary, artistic and creative, and no two weddings he captures are the same. Combining natural, honest and intimate moments to create bold and telling images.

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Image By Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers

Wedding Photographer Paul Rogers is an expert in the Documentary or photojournalist style of natural wedding photography. He studied Documentary Photography at Cardiff School of Journalism before starting work at The Times as a photojournalist. From 1998 until 2015 he was at the forefront of the world’s news events, photographing news, features and people across the UK and the rest of the world.

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Image By Laurentiu Nica

Laurentiu Nica

Hello ! I’m Laurentiu Nica, a former photojournalist based in Romania. I changed my love for the newspapers with a love for weddings. It’s not a huge change because I love to capture people with their pure emotions in their environment. I love the emotions a wedding day brings, from the tears in grandmas eyes to the beauty of the glowing bride. Emotions are best caught in black and white. Weddings bring unique moments and these remain in my soul as a photographer on the day and as a friend.

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Image By Ralf Czogallik

Ralf Czogallik

It is of utmost importance to Eppel Photography that the memories are captured and immortalised, so that they can be brought back to mind with a simple flip through the photographs. To achieve this, Ralf and his team combines his energetic, fun approach to wedding photography with getting to know each couple and reflecting their personalities in the images. We are very proud to be winners of multiple awards from several of best wedding assosiations.

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Image By Nei Bernardes

Nei Bernardes

Nei Bernardes has been in wedding photography industry for 25 years. He is a speaker of several photography events, among them Wedding Brasil, the biggest photography event in Latin America for 4 consecutive years. Nei is also an award winning wedding photographer in several photography associations around the world.

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Image By Citlalli Rico

Citlalli Rico

Citlalli Rico is passionate about green leaves, salsa dancing, eating green sauce chilaquiles and constantly learning. She has been dedicated over 12 years to documenting weddings and 9 years sharing her experiences with photographers, trying her best to help to keep raising the bar of the wedding photography industry. She’s been invited to conferences and workshops around the world and is part of the mentor team of the Foundation Workshops. Citlalli belongs to several international Photography Associations, including ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), Fotógrafos de América and Fearless Photographers. She was awarded top 10 wedding photographers in Mexico by the Magazine Visit Mexico and Fearless Photographers of the Year in 2011. She likes being a fearless person even though she shares all her fears during her talks.

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Image By Marianne Chua

Marianne Chua

Marianne is a quirky documentary wedding photographer with a strong signature style that overlaps with whilst bending away from both the PJ and alternative crowds. She has won multiple Fearless, WPJA and WPS awards, and was named one of Rangefinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography in 2017. Her work focuses on framed compositions and subtle humour, often relishing in the joy of human normalcy and raw expressions.

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Image By Livio Lacurre

Livio Lacurre

Livio Lacurre is an international destination wedding photographer based in Tuscany in the heart of Italy. His work always appearing as unconventional and not obvious, managing to combine and balance photojournalism and fine-art. His work has been featured in various publications such as Junebug Weddings, Brides Magazine, Rock My Wedding, LaBride Magazine and RangeFinder.

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Image By Marga Marti

Marga Marti

Hello! My name is Marga, I'm a wedding photographer based in Barcelona and I have the best job in the world! A job that allows me to combine my two passions: to capture emotions and travel. I love photographing kisses, hugs, smiles, tears ... every little detail that makes that day so great. No doubt, I'm a lucky woman.

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Image By Stefan Droasca

Stefan Droasca

I don't like to talk too much about myself or not at all, I prefer to let my work speak for itself. If I were to describe myself in a few words, I can say I like people together with their feelings and emotions, I like having the power to stop time and capture each moment forever. Helping people remember important moments in their lives, moments that would have been lost over time. I feel fulfilled when I know I'm leaving something, something that can be very valuable at a given time.

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Image By Franck PETIT

Franck PETIT

Based in France, I have been a wedding photographer for over 10 years. I love natural photos, strong moments and emotions.
My goal is to create beautiful memories for the bride and groom. I'm a big fan of photographic competitions where I regularly win awards.

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Image By Patrick Engel

Patrick Engel

Patrick, along with his wife, Rosa, are considered to be two of the best wedding photographers in Germany.

Patrick is an international multi-award-winning wedding photographer and has been photographing wedding for 7 years. He loves shooting the beauty of fleeting moments and pushes himself constantly. Patrick’s documentary approach finds strong connections to the in-between-moments during every wedding.

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Image By Laura Lawson

Laura Lawson

I’ve been photographing people since 2005, along with my bearded sidekick Pete. What started out as a quest to find the pretty soon morphed into an obsession to capture the real stuff, and I feel very lucky to have clients who laugh and cry in front of my lens. Photography has taken us to many amazing places, given us awards and recognition, and shown us that love really is all around.

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Image By Ash Davenport

Ash Davenport

Ash has always been up for an adventure. Whether it’s running marathons, swimming competitively with his Olympian brother, or trekking up Everest for his honeymoon, he has done his fair share of thrill-seeking.
After graduating from Leeds University with a degree in graphic design, he found himself in a corporate position that just wasn’t fulfilling his need to explore. He decided to dive back into art and found himself learning from Mick how to hone his craft until he made photography his full-time passion. Coffee with Ash is always memorable with the stories he has accumulated over the years!
Personal Site: Ash Davenport

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Image By Aaron Storry

Aaron Storry

Aaron is a creative documentary wedding photographer from Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom. Often brave but always beautifully legitimate; Aaron is present and mindful of the amazing moments of real joy and emotion that happen throughout a wedding. He doesn't have any expectations of how the day will unfold and he's constantly working hard to capture the honest and fun that tells each wedding in all its unique glory. Aaron is proud to be one of the most awarded and regarded wedding photographers in the UK and is featured in numerous top 50 lists including; ISPWP, Wedding Photographers Society and top 10 fearless photographers in the UK.

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Image By Anna Poole Luna Weddings

Anna Poole Luna Weddings

Anna is one half of the fantastic wedding photography team Luna Weddings. Working side by side with her husband. Anna is an International multi-award-winning Devon wedding photographer. Anna shoots with a timeless and creative style of photography always aiming to see things from different perspectives and capturing those unique and special moments.

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Image By Steven Rooney

Steven Rooney

Steven has been shooting weddings since 2005 and in that time developed an individual modern style that encompasses creativity, emotion and humour. He likes to challenge the norm and strives to be different. He has more WPS International Excellence Awards and Fearless Awards than any other photographer in the UK and was named in the SLR Lounge list of 150 Best International Wedding Photographers 2016. He sits proudly in a list of the Top 100 Fearless Photographers of all time.

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Image By Johhny Garcia

Johhny Garcia

I am Johnny Garcia. I was born and raised in Hervás, a wonderful town north of Cáceres. I am a Photographer with 20 years of experience. My photography is influenced by my obsession with light, momentum and composition. Photography is my passion, my way of being, my way of looking at the world along with my family, it is my life.

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Image By Moria La Plante

Moria La Plante

Moira La Plante is a Colorado-based photographer who has been shooting weddings with her husband, Jesse, since 2008. A true Jane-of-all-trades, Moira has honed her problem-solving skills by working in many different arenas, from academia to atmospheric science to entrepreneurship to event planning, before migrating to the wedding industry.

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Image By Marnix de Stigter

Marnix de Stigter

Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I am blessed to have wedding couple ask me to capture their wedding day in all sorts of exotic locations. I am truly honored to be able to do this job for such a long time, with so much enthusiasm. Combining documentary styled wedding photography with creative out-of-the-box posed images, results in an eclectic mix of images which seamlessly blend into one coherent style of photography. Capturing real emotions is what my main focus is on. Getting the couple to feel time and time again, as they look at the reportage, what they felt in that moment.

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Image By Zoltan Jambor

Zoltan Jambor

Zoltan Jambor is a wedding photographer based in Romania. I've been a wedding photographer for ten years and I am constantly looking to improve my work with every wedding I shoot. I try to express the most feelings with the fewest pixels.

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Image By Lea - Life Emotion Art

Lea - Life Emotion Art

Hi I’m Lea, a Parisian documentary wedding photographer. My company name is Life Emotion Art and it represents 3 main characteristics of my work: dynamic, emotional and creative. I am totally in love with emotions and human connexions. That’s the reason why I decided to become a wedding photographer in 2012. I use my artistic vision to tell these stories through authentic and true pictures of wedding memories. A storyteller of emotions is a a good definition of my work. I am a multi award winner in national and international competitions and regularly judge international competitions, but most of all I love my job and my couples.

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Image By Mónica Muñoz

Mónica Muñoz

Mónica Muñoz (The Wild Brides) was born in Venezuela and got her photography degree in Chile more than 20 years ago. She has been in the wedding scene since 2013 where she easily earned the respect and attention because of her style. Her work is full of freshness, honesty, color and raw power. She doesn´t believe in the romantic cliche but in every couple's own energy is what makes her work so recognizable. Based in Berlin, she has traveled the world giving conferences and workshops for Fearless, Mystic, BodaF among others. For her the most important is to keep everything 100% honest to yourself.

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Image By The Twins

The Twins

Caroline Briggs is one-half of The Twins - one of Rangefinder's Rising Stars of 2015. She works as a multi- media journalist and studied photography at Saint Martin's College, in London. Caroline draws on her journalistic background and a strong visual aesthetic in her wedding photography work.

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Image By David Hofman

David Hofman

What is the value of your story? Your memories? Your legacy? An image can freeze time, and your time is unique. Your moments more than special. They will be remembered forever, every smile, every emotion, and every detail ... I am a passionate photographer for collecting stories and eternalizing emotions. My name is David Hofman, and I am a destination wedding photographer working around the world. Judge from Italy/Brazil/Bielorussia/France/Romenia associoations.

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Image By Crystal Stokes

Crystal Stokes

Crystal Stokes is an award-winning photographer based out of Charlotte, NC. Her work has been featured on multiple magazine covers & most recently she was named one of US & Canada’s top 100 photographers by SLR lounge as well as a top ten Fearless Award winner for 2015. She is a passionate storyteller and don’t-care-who’s-watching dancer, Crystal is obsessed with finding/creating beautiful light and turning sweet moments into stunning imagery.

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Image By Benjamin Brette

Benjamin Brette

I’m Benjamin Brette, 42, living near Paris. As a wedding photographer in France I work like a photo reporter, in a modern, documentary and fun approach. I consider telling the real story is the most important, more than everything.Wedding is not only about perfection, it’s all about life. As i like to say, « Real life behind Magic ». I’ve been awarded many times, at WPS where I’ve been ranked in the top 10 for 3 years, but also at ISPWP, Fearless and WPJA

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Image By Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor

I’ve been shooting weddings for over a decade. I suppose I have a naturalistic style, as I’m not a fan of organising people and I stress at the thought of making anyone feel awkward. I obsess about light and colour and am happiest when people are just being people as that’s where the joy of wedding photography lies. I’ve also noticed, having had to write this, that I haven’t updated my website portfolio in a very long time and really should get on that.

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Image By Andre Mansano

Andre Mansano

We love to be there to capture everything in this day, but you will not find us running around and telling people what to do. We try to walk with a certain naivete, innocence. We seek to capture the events as they happen. We watch the story trying to capture every bit of it.

Moments are what matter. Moments are unique. Our quest is to perpetuate them all.

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Image By Barbara Fabbri

Barbara Fabbri

Barbara is a wedding and authentic life portrait photographer based in Italy, but she travels all over the world. She is most recognized for her black and white photography and her shots that capture spontaneity and emotions. The thing she loves most about photography is its unpredictability. Her desire is to leave real memories through her images. Her shots have been awarded from different international photographic associations

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Image By Peter Farrell

Peter Farrell

Pete (along side his wife, Sara - as Pixies in the Cellar) has been shooting weddings since 2008 throughout the UK and Europe. In this time Pete has become renown for his artistic photography, extracting everything possible from natural light alongside his own lighting methods. An obsession to deliver the best possible images and the desire to work for it are characteristics that define his work ethos. His creative and observational approach has been recognised over the years through numerous WPS Excellence awards, ISPWP awards, Fearless Photographers awards and MyWed awards.

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Image By Martin Beddall

Martin Beddall

Documentary wedding photographer based in Sussex. Started my career as a photographer at The Times in London. Mostly shooting news and features. Wedding photography grew out of that, with both journalists at the paper and some readers asking me to shoot their weddings in a photojournalistic style.

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Image By Philip Thomas

Philip Thomas

A former newspaper photographer in the UK, I traveled the world before settling down in San Antonio, Texas, with my wife and two children. Shooting weddings and street photography for my projects, I also teach at workshops and work within the thriving local photography community. I love the craft and continue to refine my photojournalistic style.

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Image By Anne Sophie Maestracci

Anne Sophie Maestracci

Anne-Sophie is Thailand based award winning photographer. She easily distinguishes herself with a discerning eye for technical detail and an artist’s flair for accentuating the beauty of those in love.Efficient, discreet and disarming, Anne-Sophie’s true ability as a photographer lies in her talent at capturing the emotion of a moment. Anna-Sophie has a unique artistic style and a personal service.

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Image By Matt Theilen

Matt Theilen

We are Tara Theilen and Matt Theilen. Just two people in love with life and passionate about what we do. We met in 1998 when Matt was living in his VW van, spending winters rock climbing in Joshua Tree while Tara was finishing up graduate school in Tucson. Over the next 9 years we were friends living our lives in different places. We would see each other and hang out from time to time, mostly high up on a rock face or on some long, mosquito-ridden approach in the Sierras. We were both rock climbers and sought out the solitude and adventure of the mountains. In 2007 a tragedy brought us together (this is a story best told in person) and we needed to be near each other, so Tara moved out to Lake Tahoe. We soon fell in love with each other and naturally, we united forces photographing weddings and building this amazing business together. We have never looked back. Our little family in the mountains consists of our creatively quirky and curious daughter Zoe, and our dog Daisy.

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Image By Elena Haralabaki

Elena Haralabaki

I am a professional photographer, specializing in wedding photography. Photography has been a passion for a long time and I developed an interest in it from a very young age. I studied photography at the University of Athens (T.E.I) and further added to my photographic skills and professional knowledge by continuing studies at the “Academia di Belle Arti di Venezia” in Italy. I am a recognized member of WPS, Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, WPJA, AGWPJA, Best Of Wedding Photography and MyWed with more than 150 awarded images.

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Image By Megan Hannah

Megan Hannah

Jacob and Megan Hannah are a team specializing in documentary wedding photography. They approach photography the same way they approach life - with enthusiasm and as a team. Their goal at every wedding is to create unique and lasting images that tell a story and allow their clients to relive their wedding day for years to come. They live in rural Vermont with their twin daughters, a couple of crazy cats, and a rambunctious flock of backyard chickens.

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Image By Katrin Kuellenberg

Katrin Kuellenberg

I love my work - and I'm happy that this love is seen by others in my photos. I am very grateful and proud that many of my pictures have won national and international awards. I am particularly pleased that I have in previous years ranked amongst the highest-rated fearless photographers in Germany - an organization of the world's best photographers, whose competitions are extremely selective and demanding.

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Image By Sybil Rondeau

Sybil Rondeau

I’ve been a wedding and family photographer based in Western France since 2009. As far as I can remember, I have always been looking for an artistic way to express myself. When I got my first camera, I immediately knew that was it! Weddings are the perfect place to catch moments full of life and emotion, while playing with light and dealing with all the unexpected events.

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Image By Alison Bounce

Alison Bounce

Hey! I'm Alison, a french documentary wedding photographer. I am a multi-award winning photographer and in my work I try to tell funky and crazy love stories. I am inspired by life, humans, nature, light, music and much more. It is hard to put into words how much I lovee to travel and see the world like no one else does. For me, each day is a big party. I am always looking for the best in things and weddings are the best playground I could have ever imagined.

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Image By Sansom Photography

Sansom Photography

Listed as one of Rangefinder magazines 30 Rising Stars 2015, Chris and Verity Sansom are responsible for some of the most deliciously compelling and unconventional wedding photography around. Winners of WPS Excellence Awards, Junebug ‘Best of the Best’ Awards (Wedding 2015 and Engagement 2015) and ISPWP Awards. Chris and Verity produce intimate, artistic and real photos that bring out the best in the world around them.

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Image By Tony Hoffer

Tony Hoffer

Tony started Hoffer Photography with Amy over 10 years ago. Early on, he became known for setting shooting trends (like backlit rain photos) and popular marketing trends (like annual Best Of posts). Throughout the past 10+ years, Tony and Amy’s work has been featured in publications around the world and they’ve spoken at several national and international photography conferences. As the business has grown, Tony has focused his energy on evolution and growth as a photographer while leading our business to be the most original and genuine that we can be. Tony also has a side-gig as a commercial and portrait photographer on top of his wedding work with Amy.

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Image By Mihai Zaharia

Mihai Zaharia

Hi, I'm Mihai, a documentary wedding photographer from Bucharest, Romania. I love documenting all the emotions and the little stories that unfold naturally in front of my lens on the wedding day. I work 100% unobtrusively, and yet I am constantly close to people, in the middle of the action, with my trusty wide angle lens - ready to capture the real vibe of the event.

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Image By Dave Paek

Dave Paek

Dave is a worldly guy who lives in New York City. When he's not travelling, he loves spending time with his family. He loves to cook ethnic dishes from around the world including dishes from India, Vietnam, Mexico, and even Russia. Dave also has a passion for photographing the most precious moments of your wedding day in a way that will blow your mind and leave you speechless. He's obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photograph; light (as well as shadows), composition, and emotion. As your wedding photographer, he will diligently capture your poignant and sometimes crazy moments with creative twists that will remain timeless. To boot, he's won a few industry awards here and there and he's also had a few of his personal photographs featured in National Geographic.

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Image By Leonard Walpot

Leonard Walpot

Leonard is considered among the best documentary wedding photographers in the Netherlands. Awarded with national and international prizes, he appears highly ranked at the Masters of Wedding Photography, Fearless Photographers, WPJA and This is Reportage. His goal in documenting weddings is to let couples relive the wedding later as good as possible - in such a way that memories are transformed into art.

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Image By Julien Laurent Georges

Julien Laurent Georges

Known for his bold, dramatic documentary style, Julien Laurent-Georges (JLG) is a leader in the French photo community who helps other photographers raise the bar while he continues to set it higher. His work is emotional, fashionable, and deliciously sensual, and his approach to life is warm-hearted and carefree. We love the way he makes real brides look ravishing and how much he dedicates himself to providing a seamless customer service experience from the moment you meet.

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Image By William LAMBELET


William is a French Wedding Photographer. Year by year he has developed is own style, a mix between photojournalism and creativity. His goal is to create strong and composed pictures in capturing small moments a lot of people doesn’t see. He likes to integrate on his pictures a lot of details which reflect the mood of the day. His work has been awarded many times by international photography associations.

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Image By Ariel Novak

Ariel Novak

Hi, I’m Ariel. I’m a wedding photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina I like to let the couples enjoy these magical moments of life without being too aware of the camera. Love stories through the lens should be romantic, full of emotion and totally free as they are in real life. Therefore, I don’t like to create the moments. I just let it flow and look to capture it from my perspective.

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Image By Denise Motz

Denise Motz

Since 2016 Denise Motz works as a wedding photographer. She has a great passion for storytelling photography, in which humor certainly plays an important role. After completing the Academy of Fine Arts she didn't immediately start wedding photography, but mainly focussed on free work. As her images evolved, she developed a soft spot for wedding photography. By linking her own work to wedding photography, a unique visual language has arisen. She is super calm and likes to give the couple and guests some trust by talking to them, make some jokes and really get to know them. Always looking forward to a new wedding day!

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Image By Ian Chin

Ian Chin

I'm a wedding and marriage proposal photographer based in San Francisco, CA, and have been a full-time photographer since 2013. I strive to focus on moments, and love to add in a kick of humor and creativity for portraits! My favorite things to see are authentic moments, but I also love originality when it comes to directed portraits! I've been fortunate to have won awards from numerous competitions and always love to see the tremendous (and growing) skill throughout the industry in every competition and am so honored to be a judge!

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Image By Isabelle Souriment Bazin

Isabelle Souriment Bazin

Hi, I am Isasouri, I live now in South of France. I love life as I love weddings. I am a multi-award winning photographer and my approach is naturel, happy & funky. I have been a photographer in different domain for more than 25 years. Specializing in wedding in 2012 after getting married myself. I travel throughout France and abroad, specializing in artistic, documentary wedding photography. My goal is to offer you unique images of those golden moments that you will treasure for ever. Through my sensitive and artistic photography, it is your story that I am telling. The thing which interests me, it is that we become rather close so that I can see you such as you are in ‘truth’ in order to get the best.

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Image By Olivier Fréchard

Olivier Fréchard

"I capture real moments. But let me show you how I see the reality"
Olivier Fréchard is an international award winning weddding photographer from France, with several awards under his belt from WPS,Fearless and TOP 20 ISPWP 2018. His approach is to combine the real moment of photojournalism with emphasis on creativite and poetic picture.

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Image By Victoria Sprung

Victoria Sprung

Victoria Sprung is the Owner and Lead Photographer here at Sprung Photo. Victoria specializes in fine art, low light, bold, colorful, classic, creative, photojournalistic, documentary wedding photography and has photographed over 400 Weddings in the 10 years as a full-time Wedding Photographer. Winner or multiple awards across several photography associations. Victoria has a background in fashion photography, which produces superior, high quality results, with a supremely creative and unique style.

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Image By Susanne de Bruijn

Susanne de Bruijn

Susanne is always looking for all those beautiful and spontaneous moments to capture at a wedding. She finds wedding photography a highly fulfilling and honorable job and is honored every time a couple chooses her. With every wedding Susanne always takes her photography to the next level, capturing each special moment in a journalistic way. The results are always beautiful and authentic.

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Image By Heather Shuker

Heather Shuker

Named as one of Rangefinder Magazines Rising Stars of 2016 Heather shoots weddings as Eclection Photography. With a passion for the art of photography and a love of design aesthetics she has a unique way of seeing and creates visual interest in her imagery from any location. In a world where many images are starting to look the same she creates distinctive images with beauty and realism. Dividing her time between weddings and editorial/commercial photography she has been commissioned by the likes of The New York Times, Conde Nast Vogue and Hello Magazine.

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Image By Ambre Peyrotty

Ambre Peyrotty

Hi. My name is Ambre and I'm a photographer based in France. I discovered wedding photography in 2013, while studiyng for my Bachelor in Photography. I fell in love with raw moments and the artistic vision that can be associated with this type of reportage. I've shot many weddings since then specializing in small, intimate weddings and elopements worldwide. I absolutely love my job and my couples, and I can't wait to see what's around the corner!

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Image By Samo Rovan

Samo Rovan

A former photojournalist Samo is now an international destination wedding photographer based in the heart of Europe. In 2015 Italian JM Just Married Magazine named Samo as One of 3 Best Wedding Photographers Worldwide, and in 2013 he was listed among the TOP 10 WPJA Wedding Photojournalists. Samo is an active speaker on photography worldwide, and is known for his passionate, fun and emotional documentary storytelling.

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Image By Paulo Santos

Paulo Santos

Paulo Santos, a very chilled out wedding photographer based in the UK. I like to keep thing quite simple. I’m creative and nosey, and I’m drawn to quirks and subtle detail. I like variety and I love to travel. Shooting weddings allows many of my needs to be met. Awards and accolades include Junebug Top 50 Wedding Photographs in the World 2014, Wedding Photography Select Excellence Awards, ISPWP International Awards, North East England Wedding Photographer of the Year 2013 & 2014, Junebug writer and contributor.

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Image By Pasquale Minniti

Pasquale Minniti

My passion is photography. When I talk about it I refer to a real journey amongst colors, lights, shapes and more. It's a journey amongst moods, emotions, adrenaline. Thanks to my passion, simple ideas turn into images full of emotions. I love how photography can affect people. A single image can change the mood of a person from emotion to another in a few seconds. My style is artistic and emotional. I love telling stories through my camera which is why at every wedding my mission is to tell the love story in a personal and unique way, letting the events flow naturally. I have been awards several awards (1st place and Top 10) in the top internation wedding photography websites in the world.

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Image By Susana Barberà

Susana Barberà

Susana Barbera is a female photographer from Spain. During last 3 years she has become an International reference in documentary wedding photography. Her committed and passionate work, creativity and mastery in the use of black and white and layering have earned her numerous international awards and took her to her other passion, teaching and sharing her philosophy of believing in Magic to let the Universe surprise you.

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Image By Marian Sterea

Marian Sterea

Marian started working as a wedding photographer in 2009. Based in Romania he shoots weddings all over the world. He creates distinct signature wedding images and with each wedding and image he exceeds the limits to innovate and push boundaries. When it comes to image quality and passion Marian is a wedding photographer at the top of his game.

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Image By Will Wareham

Will Wareham

The best experiences and stories are the real ones that make us feel genuine emotions, that give us a deep sense of connection to the personal moments and people we care about. As a wedding photojournalist the most important element in all of the stories I capture is that peoples lives are observed with honesty and compassion. I like to document stories about people through showing the big moments & expressions of life through to the smaller, more nuanced moments and gestures of our human nature to make real wedding stories that are full of character.

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Image By Kim den Hartog

Kim den Hartog

Hi, I'm Kim den Hartog, an international award winning wedding photographer from the Netherlands with a love for capturing pure emotions and moments.
My eye sees details that are so typical of my couples and their day, making every photo I take unique. I like to capture moments that are sometimes very small, but no less powerful because of that. In addition, I am focussed on the energy of the day, the people, and the bonds between family members. In addition, I have a personal weakness for the elderly. A wedding is simply a special moment for grandparents, they have all their loved ones together for a while, all generations, and the pride they radiate touches every soul. I simply love shooting weddings!

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Image By Mile Vidic Gutierrez

Mile Vidic Gutierrez

Hello!!! MY Name is Mile I am a wedding photographer from the Canary Islands in Spain. Passionate about wedding photography and the many moments we live in them.
In these years I have managed to position myself among the 10 most awarded photographers in various directories such as fdb wedding photographers in Spain, Mywed in Spain or WPS in the UK. Also top 50 in XP photographers. I love contests as motivation to improve my work.

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Image By Donatas Ufo

Donatas Ufo

Donatas Ufo is a passionate destination wedding photographer based in Lithuania, Europe. Hew to wedding photography but already recognized by the most important international associations around the world. In 2017 He was named in the TOP 20 Fearless Photographers, 2019 in the TOP 10 Mywed and currently in the Top 10 at WPS. Donatas Ufo loves to discover new couples, cultures and places. His style is modern, artistic, fashionable.

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Image By Peter Lawson

Peter Lawson

Hi, I’m Pete, one half of Lawson Photography. We’ve been photographing weddings in all their fun filled glory for the past fifteen years. We’ve drawn to laughter and people being, well, adorable - in a grandparents holding hands kind of way. Over the years we’ve won numerous awards for both photography and film. But most importantly, we still love this job!

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Image By Jennifer Moher

Jennifer Moher

Jennifer Moher a wedding photographer based in Ontario. Jennifer started shooting weddings 5 years ago with the intention of being able to document human relationships and love stories. A Winner of several prestigious industry awards. Jennifer loves shooting weddings.

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Image By Jesse La Plante

Jesse La Plante

Jesse La Plante is a Colorado-based photographer who has been shooting weddings with his wife, Moira, since 2008. Before that, he worked as a full-time photojournalist (i.e. newspaper photographer). In 2019, Jesse was named “Photographer of the Year” by the Artistic Guild of the WPJA and made the list of “Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World” by both Fearless Photographers and the ISPWP.

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Image By Vali Matei

Vali Matei

Hi, I’m Vali Matei! I like to think about myself, that I'm a lucky guy. And that's because even though being economist at the base, I've come to do what I really like and transform my passion for photography into a day to day living after 10 years in the telecoms without altering any kind of feelings expressed on such a special day. My photos are and will always be natural, energetic, funny, special and always look to capture people's expressions, gestures feelings and emotions.

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Image By Sara Kirkham

Sara Kirkham

I’m a Manchester, northern UK based wedding photographer, shooting weddings alongside my other (better) half Pete Farrell, as Pixies in the Cellar. It seems over ten years have whizzed by and we’ve captured plenty of real wedding moments. Personally, I love the people, that’s what makes a wedding shine, being able to immortalise those real moments is quite an honour really. Photographically I look for simplicity, geometry and genuine emotion which all tickle my fancy. Over the past few years pressing the shutter at the correct time has paid off with multiple awards from ISPWP (Top UK photographer 2018), Fearless photographers, This is Reportage and MyWed. Looking forward to capturing more unique moments, timeless memories and quirky unexpected angles - wedding photography is such an amazing opportunity to express and explore that arty streak.

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Image By Gaelle Le Berre

Gaelle Le Berre

Gaelle is a French photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She strongly believes that the art of photography lies in the ability to capture a fleeting moment - a gesture of love, a tear of joy, a hug between friends - in its purest and most unadulterated form. Weddings are a celebration of life that everyone takes part in.

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Image By Lauren Brimhall

Lauren Brimhall

Lauren Brimhall is a NJ-based moment-driven photographer who is currently ranked among the top 25 photographers in the world in Fearless Photographers and Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). She has received numerous awards from the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) as well, and has had work featured everywhere, from the cover of major magazines to countless blogs and websites. She believes amazing photography is achieved with great lighting, extremely hard work, and a unique sense of humor.

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Image By Stéphane Le Ludec

Stéphane Le Ludec

French wedding photographer living in Brittany, France. I try to make original wedding pictures. I love cool and funny people, and I like to try new things in wedding photography.

I attach great importance to emotions and the human being. Cinema has a great influence on my work, and the way of approaching weddings.

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Image By Arno de Bruijn

Arno de Bruijn

Arno is a Dutch award winning wedding photographer and he has a huge passion for capturing all those beautiful and emotional wedding moments. Arno works alongside his own team of professional wedding photographers and assistents. Each and everyone on of them is filled with passion and creativity and looking to improve themselves every single time. His style is dynamic, creative and authentic.

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Image By Barbara Zanon

Barbara Zanon

BARBARA ZANON is a professional photojournalist, portrait and wedding photographer, based in Venice. She is a member of ITALIAN PRESS ASSOCIATION, and she is a awarded member of international wedding associations, as JUNEBUG, WPJA, AGWPJA, ISPWP,and BOWP and WPS. She also is a winner of: IPA, PX3, RENAISSANCE Photography Award, Mifa. Barbara Zanon is also a GETTY IMAGES CONTRIBUTOR in the News and she published pictures on internationally known Italian and foreign NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES, as Time, Life, Newsweek, EL pais, Spiegel, Observer, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Elle, etc.

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Image By Claudiu Negrea

Claudiu Negrea

Hello, I am Claudiu Negrea and I am a wedding photographer based in Arad, Romania. For me wedding photography is a way of life. I love to shoot weddings because during a wedding you get to shoot a mixture of all types of photography but most importantly you get to shoot people and their feelings which makes me feel alive! My objective is to capture the story of the couples I shoot on their best day!

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Image By Denise Motz

Denise Motz

Hi, I’m Pete, one half of Lawson Photography. We’ve been photographing weddings in all their fun filled glory for the past fifteen years. We’ve drawn to laughter and people being, well, adorable - in a grandparents holding hands kind of way. Over the years we’ve won numerous awards for both photography and film. But most importantly, we still love this job!

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Image By Sergey Lapkovsky

Sergey Lapkovsky

Sergey Lapkovsky is a photographer with more than 10 years of experience shooting weddings worldwide. He splits his time between the US and Europe and has shot more than 400 weddings all over the world. Sergey won multiple awards from such associations as Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, Masters of Wedding Photography, Junebug Weddings, WPS, etc. He was awarded Top 50 wedding photographer in the world in 2019 by International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

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Image By Elisa Bellanti

Elisa Bellanti

I am Elisa, and I am co-founder of Foto Event Studio, a photography and videography studio born more than 10 years ago. I work as a photographer based in Italy but travel worldwide.

Over the years, I have refined our technique of reportage, telling with naturalness the experience of couples. I am nicknamed Mary Poppins because in my bag, in addition to photographic equipment, you will find everything you need to spin a wedding in the best way (needle and thread, paper clips, candy medicine are for me the order of the day).

I live in a small town in Sicily, a few steps from the sea, with my two children. I love art and music, good food and travel, which allows me to find couples who are close to my lifestyle and passions. I have been working as a couple for 15 years now and this allows me to work in symbiosis with my partner and to create unique images that tell a true love story, because I shoot by empathizing with the couple.

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Image By Magliacca Massimiliano

Magliacca Massimiliano

My passion for photography was born as a child when my father, also a photographer, at the age of 14 years gave me my first camera, a Nikon FM; from that moment I began to photograph everything that intrigued me from the shadows of the buildings of Rome to the faces of the people. Over time, I realized that what fascinated me most of the photographic medium was (and is) the extraordinary ability to record any moment could move me. From there the belief that my passion should at any cost, become my way.

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Image By Jacob Hannah

Jacob Hannah

Jacob and Megan Hannah are a team specializing in documentary wedding photography. They approach photography the same way they approach life - with enthusiasm and as a team. Their goal at every wedding is to create unique and lasting images that tell a story and allow their clients to relive their wedding day for years to come. They live in rural Vermont with their twin daughters, a couple of crazy cats, and a rambunctious flock of backyard chickens.

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Image By Dennis Berti

Dennis Berti

Dennis Berti was born in Livorno, Italy in 1978. Dennis discovered the magic of photography at the age of 18 and he immediately fell in love. Before going to work as a photographer on a cruise ship, he attended basic photography courses but most of his knowledge has been self taught. Dennis is a renowned documentary photographer with a unique approach and has shot over 500 weddings as well as teaching others through workshops and conferences.

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Image By Ettore Coletto

Ettore Coletto

From a young age Ettore Colletto, born in Barcellona P. G., showed a strong interest in photography. Such was his passion that he abandoned his university studies in law to devote his life to photography. Studying in the most important schools in Rome and Milan, he developed his talent and perfected his technique.

He ranked among the top 10 international photographers in distinct important associations like ISPWP, WPJA, AG/WPJA, winner of several photo contest in different categories.

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Image By Lyndsey Goddard

Lyndsey Goddard

Lyndsey is a documentary wedding photographer who lives by the sea in Kent. Regional and national winner for ‘’Best Wedding Photographer” in the 2017 Wedding Industry Awards, and voted as the top UK photographer by the WPJA in 2016 (and 11th worldwide), she's known for her honest and uncontrived storytelling. With a background in Fine Art, creative use of light and strong composition play a big part in her work, and capturing the unexpected moments and humour of a wedding is what drives her.

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Image By Marius Barbulescu

Marius Barbulescu

I love God, my family and friends, music and books and all that is who I am. I’m always trying to keep things simple. I appreciate sincerity in all its forms and I live my life making it an experience that will leave me with a smile on my face on the day that I die, even if this would happen in an hour or, hopefully, in 100 years. I’m a wedding photographer since 2008 and I’ve shot more then 150 weddings, mostly in Romania, but more and more internationally since 2012. I’ve won awards at Fearless Photographers (top 10 2014), ISPWP, WPS (top 3 in 2013 and 2014) and Mywed (finalist at both their contest in 2014 and 2015, 2nd on their top list now).

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Image By Indra Simons

Indra Simons

Every wedding is unique. Every wedding has its own story. The soul of a wedding day, what you feel for each other, and for your family and friends. The little, but at the same time big moments that make it worthwhile. To capture exactly that, to me, is the absolute added value of a great wedding reportage. No fake smiles, but each individual moment captured perfectly in a photo.

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Image By Sabina Mladin

Sabina Mladin

I love weddings! As a wedding photographer I am responsible for my client's memories. That is why I invest so much of myself on their wedding day. I am there, close to them, always ready to capture all that real emotions. In my photographs you will see that I love dogs, light, music, dancing and laughing but most of all that I love to capture all of this and make memories for life. My photographs represent both the people who have put their trust in me with the most important day of their lives, but also they represent me, who I am, and how much of myself I invest in every single shot that I take.

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Image By Dave Moss (Abby + Dave)

Dave Moss (Abby + Dave)

We are Abby + Dave and we help madly in love couples re-live raw, beautiful, hilarious, and heart-bursting-out-of-your-chest moments. We capture stories for them and for their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, and grandchildren. Our images are a piece of family history and a tribute to love and life.

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Image By Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet

Both a celebrated wedding documentary photographer and photojournalist, multi-award winning (160 awards : WPJA POY 2008, Junebug Best of the Best 2011, Fearless Photographers Top 15 2011, 2012, 2015, WPS Photographers Top 10 2015) Franck is known for his ability to tell a story through his work. He divides his time between his daughter, his personal long-term projects, his destination weddings and “item”, the photography agency he co-founded in 2001 which is dedicated to concerned documentary photography. In his photographic approach, he feels close to the tradition of humanist photography. For his personal projects like for his weddings, he tries to tell stories with a highly personal vision, trying to have a lyrical and poetic strength in his images.

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