Wedding Videographer Showcase By Story Of Your Day Weddings. Chateau Rigaud, Nr Bordeaux

More inspirational photography, this time in the form of videography by some of the finest wedding videographers in the industry. Story Of Your Day shares a selection of videos with us.

Emma from Story Of Your Day is a BBC-trained filmmaker, making beautiful, timeless and cinematic wedding films. Her documentary style, short-form films are based on real life situations, discreetly captured and brought back to to life, moment by moment. Emma is the recommended videographer for many exclusive UK wedding venues such as Castle Howard and Alnwick Castle A.K.A Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

Bride & Groom : Clare + David
Location : Chateau Rigaud, Nr Bordeaux
Wedding Date : September 26th 2016
Website : Story Of Your Day  
Wedding Videography Presentation.
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When and why did you become a wedding Videographer?

I have worked at the BBC for twenty five years as a filmmaker and storyteller. I fell upon this career by mistake when a colleague asked me to film their wedding at the same time as a photographer suggested I should try Wedding Videography. That was two years ago. Such is my love of my new career I recently left the BBC to concentrate on Story Of Your Day. I have never been happier or more fulfilled.

Do you feel your business and the wedding videography business has changed in the last few years?

I have not been in the industry long enough to be aware of the changes within videography per se. But I have noticed that more and more, just as with photography, technology has meant that everyone thinks they can take great photos and make wedding films.

So that is why it’s important for me to make my wedding films as unique as possible.

There's no template, no formula I follow. Instead I concentrate on telling each individual couples' story in a way that my storytelling experience and creative eye allows.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

I don't have a favourite part of any wedding because each every one is different. Sometimes it can be a shared moment between mother and bride during morning preparations, when the groom is waiting for his bride to appear, or it can be something amazing said during the speeches or a tender moment alone with the bride and groom away from the rest of the wedding party.

What is the greatest challenge being a wedding videographer?

For me it's identifying the couples story and reflecting that in their film in a way that means they connect with it instantly, fall in love with and let them remember the day, just as it happened.

What is your method for shooting a wedding/how do you remain discreet?

I work on DSLR cameras on a steadipod, used as a tripod.

This helps me work fluidly but also retain my filming style of stillness.

As I am not into filming handheld or with a steady cam I am not constantly moving around, which can be distracting for the couple and guests.

No cranes, jibs or glide cams as they do not fit my intimate style of filming so that also means I am very unobtrusive.

What eqiupment do you use on a typical wedding day?

For most of the day. It’s me, my Canon 5Diii and a couple of lenses and my steadipod. For ceremony and speeches there are usually two further cameras, either locked off or with a second assistant.

What software do you use to edit and why?

I use FCPX, pluraleyes and FilmConvert.

Have you won any wedding awards or would you like to win any awards?

I have won Best Videographer for the North of England Wedding Awards in 2014.

I am not sure what value awards hold for clients themselves however I would love to be recognised by The Wedding Industry Awards, more for personal achievement than anything else.

When you send the final cut to your clients, how do you feel at that precise time?

It's more about their response. Finishing a wedding film always feels good after such hard work goes into it, but the couples' reaction is the reason I do this job.

Any advice for wedding videographers just starting their own business?

Network with fellow Videographers. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Find your style. Don’t be led by fads that come and go.

Can you name other videographers that you respect, admire?

That's hard as I have a few heroes for different reasons. Many of them have given me the confidence to work in a way that reflects my style and help me strive to stand out from the crowd, these guys know who they are.

More Videos Can Be Found Here : Story Of Your Day  

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