Wedding Videographer Showcase By Reel Weddings Weddings. France

More inspirational photography, this time in the form of videography by some of the finest wedding videographers in the industry. Reel Weddings shares a selection of videos with us.

Bride & Groom : Jil + Will
Location : France
Wedding Date : -
Website : Reel Weddings  
Wedding Videography Presentation.
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When and why did you become a wedding Videographer?

The very first wedding we filmed was our own, back in 2006. It felt natural with a camera in my hands and we just took it from there.

Do you feel your business and the wedding videography business has changed in the last few years?

Oh definitely. Wedding filmmakers are becoming more serious about treating it as a craft. There are still loads of the old guard who are insistent on filming in a more traditional way, but more and more are putting on their own style to things which is really cool and exciting.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

The morning prep. Because the main people all tend to be there and it all becomes a bundle of nervous energy, laughter and emotion. From a filming perspective, it allows for getting to know the real character of the couple as months (if not years) of wedding plans come to a conclusion.

What is the greatest challenge being a wedding videographer?

Never to be stale and settle for the same old shot. Always look for fresh and interesting content to create a unique story.

What is your method for shooting a wedding/how do you remain discreet?

The way we view the day is that we have been invited to take part in the day like all the other guests. If people are comfortable with you then they will relax with you filming. Don't try and 'blend into the background' like a ninja videographer - people tend to get freaked out by it.

What eqiupment do you use on a typical wedding day?

DSLRs with a bunch of primes. 90% of the time we are on monopods.

What software do you use to edit and why?

We cut on Premiere and use LUTs created in Lightroom along with curves for grading.

Have you won any wedding awards or would you like to win any awards?

I won a scribbling competition when I was aged 2 and a half. Apart from that we never felt the need to 'compete' in awards.

When you send the final cut to your clients, how do you feel at that precise time?

Happy. We know we only send our work out to our couples when we know we have created the best film we could for them.

Any advice for wedding videographers just starting their own business?

Glance at just what can be achieved with wedding films from some of the talented people out there. Then stop looking at their stuff and go out and create your own style and identity. Then hang out and have a few beers with friends. And a few more.

Can you name other videographers that you respect, admire?

There are loads of great people out there, too many to name.

More Videos Can Be Found Here : Reel Weddings  

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