Wedding Videographer Showcase By Philip White Weddings. Paris

More inspirational photography, this time in the form of videography by some of the finest wedding videographers in the industry. Philip White shares a selection of videos with us.

Bride & Groom : L + Y. A Parisian Wedding
Location : Paris
Wedding Date : n/a
Website : Philip White  
Wedding Videography Presentation.
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When and why did you become a wedding Videographer?

I started shooting weddings in 2010.

Do you feel your business and the wedding videography business has changed in the last few years?

Definitely, like photography new start ups are appearing weekly and the general standard of wedding films has improved somewhat over the last few years. There's still a massive amount of crap out there though. I like to think that I improve year on year.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day to capture?

The wedding day preparations - You kind of have a licence to be creative. If something doesn't work as expected then you can try something else. It's also a great time just to get to know all the key players involved.

What is the greatest challenge being a wedding videographer?

Standing out from the crowd. Maintaining fresh ideas and concepts.

What is your method for shooting a wedding/how do you remain discreet?

Keep minimal. A stable camera on it's own is enough to win an oscar alone if used correctly. Most weddings I attend, the guests just think I'm helping out the photographer.

What eqiupment do you use on a typical wedding day?

Canon DSLR's, a monopod plus a few prime lenses.

What software do you use to edit and why?

Final Cut Pro X with Pluraleyes and Film Convert for grading.

Have you won any wedding awards or would you like to win any awards?

In 2012 I won wedding Videographer of the year at the Wedding Industry Awards. I've also won the Best Regional Videographer Award for the last three years. If the awards are credible then they're cool. If they're based on popularity then they suck.

When you send the final cut to your clients, how do you feel at that precise time?

After shooting a few hundred weddings you get used to it. If you feel nervous then you can't really be that confident in your own product can you?

Any advice for wedding videographers just starting their own business?

Don't follow the crowd, be yourself. Use proper films as inspiration not wedding films. Think about light and composition rather than where to use glidetracks, steadicams and any other unnecessary rubbish.

Can you name other videographers that you respect, admire?


More Videos Can Be Found Here : Philip White  

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