WPS Top 10 Spanish Wedding Photographers

Continuing our Top Wedding Photographer Series we celebrate Wedding Photography Select’s Top Wedding Photographers in Spain. Our lists are based on the total number of WPS Excellence Awards that have been award to each photographer. The WPS Excellence Awards are judged by an esteemed panel of international judges and are held six times a year.

Congratulations to all who have made the list, they have certainly proven themselves to be outstanding wedding photographers who are at the top of their game. Enjoy this selection of the beautiful WPS Excellence Award winning images from the very best in Spanish wedding photography…


Excellence Awards: 64

Congratulations to Victor Lax for being our No 1 photographer in Spain. He secured the first place in our list with a fantastic 64 WPS Excellence Awards. Victor describes his work as having  ‘a distinctive artistic style that reveals spontaneous expression and emotion’. A former photo-journalist, Victor is a master at translating his talent into breathtaking, iconic images.


Excellence Awards: 29

Congratulations to Miguel for securing the No 2 spot on our list. Miguel has photographed over 500 weddings and his extensive experience and talent has garnered him many top industry awards. In his own words: ‘What I like most about my work is the possibility it offers me to tell the story of the most important day of the lives of the couple who trust me, to capture their emotions, their expressions, their smile, their looks, their gestures…’. And we are sure you will agree with us that he does this spectacularly well.


Excellence Awards: 25

With over 20 years of experience, couple Alberto and Geni have a strong reputation in the wedding photography industry. With an impressive 25 WPS Excellence Awards to date, Alberto Sagrado Studios have successfully gained their place as number 3 on our list. Describing themselves as ‘authentic, determined people who value the unique moments that make each moment special’, we feel this ethos is beautifully demonstrated in their images.


Excellence Awards: 24

From a very early age Gerado was responsible for organising his family’s photo albums, sparking a lifetime love of photography. He says he ‘Always a camera in my life … I love my job, it’s my passion…that’s why I’ve become a storyteller.’ And a fine storyteller he is, amassing 24 WPS Excellence Awards to date.


Excellence Awards: 23

Pedro is devoted to ‘catching unique moments and sharing the feelings of happiness with both of you from such a marvelous day. Memories that endure forever!’ We feel he certainly does that. Pedro’s passion for photography began at the age of 10 when he inherited his late grandfather’s camera, and he honed his remarkable skills throughout his childhood.


Excellence Awards: 23

Local to Alicante, but regularly travelling across Spain for his work, Miguel is in joint 5th place on our list. In his own words Miguel likes ‘photographs that are spontaneous, natural and fun. Weddings are not what they were, and photography has evolved into something different and mostly original.’ His stunning images are always recognisable.


Excellence Awards: 23

‘Photography is my passion, my personality, my way of seeing the world and with my family … is my life.’ Well we think Johnny says it all. During his 17 years as a photographer Johhny has produced incredibly atmospheric images that exude personality and have garnered him 23 WPS Excellence awards to date.


Excellence Awards: 18

‘What does photography means for me? It it is quite everything. Constant things happen around us, unforgettable moments are guard in the memory and age, the magic of the photography keeps them alive forever. I am charmed with the weddings, the feelings are in the air … When the bride enters my skin shivers and my finger shoots to the hunt for her look, capturing the unrepeatable moments in order that they never go on to the oblivion.’ Powerful words from a powerful photographer.


Excellence Awards: 10

Founder and principal photographer of the ARTEFOTO studio, with a degree in Chemistry, Oier’s passion for photography began 7 years ago. With almost 300 weddings behind him, his fresh, risky and elegant style matches his positive and non-conformist personality, giving his all in each work to narrate each wedding as a unique story, with a result that excites and engages.


Excellence Awards: 7

‘At weddings magic is always present, one just needs to be willing to spot it…’ says Andreu. Over the last six years Andreu has photographed over 160 couples all over the world and his charming images have won 7 WPS Excellence Awards as well as many other top industry accolades. Congratulations to Andreu for making our Top Ten.

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