WPS Editors’ Choice Photography Collection V

Thanks to all the wedding photographers who have taken the time to submit images to the site. We’re very pleased to share these images with you. Each has been selected by WPS, our (Editors Choice) . They are seperate from our amazing Excellence Awards which are judged by a team of high class wedding photographers from around the world.

We hope you enjoy them, we love them & we hope to see more submissions soon. Look out for some of these images in our Photo Of The Day section where you will be able to find more details about the thought process and technical details of the shot.

Please feel free to leave your comments at the end of the collection.

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

Collection 5

Julien Laurent-Georges – http://www.photocamex.com
Wedding Photographer France

and there’s more……..

Eduardo Blanco – https://edublancofotografo.wixsite.com/fotografia
Wedding Photographer Spain

Uliana Yarets – http://www.yaretsstudio.com
Wedding Photographer Ukraine

Ernst Prieto – https://www.ernstprietofotografia.com
Wedding Photographer Spain

Marcelo Sousa – https://www.msousafotografias.com.br/
Wedding Photographer Brazil

Carmelo – www.carmeloucchino.it
Wedding Photographer Italy

Alex Pasarelu – http://www.bellefoto.ro
Wedding Photographer Romania

Paqui Rodriguez – http://www.paquirodriguez.com
Wedding Photographer Spain

Bogdan Moisi- http://www.moisibogdan.ro
Wedding Photographer Romania

Carlos- https://thesweetdays.com/
Wedding Photographer Spain

Sharona Dasth Besh – http://WWW.SHARONAPH.ARTC
Wedding Photographer Australia

Thanks to everyone who shared their images. Submissions are open to everyone, all you have to do is use our Image Submission Form.

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