Top 5 Worst Celebrity Wedding Dresses Of All Time

Your wedding day should undoubtedly be one of the most special days of your entire life, a day full of joy and laugher and when you go that extra mile look as beautiful as you possibly can. Much care and attention is usually placed on your outfit, hair and make-up for this once in a lifetime (hopefully!) occasion. This is why, here at The Select Bride, we’d like to share with you our Top 5 Absolute Worst Celebrity Wedding Dresses Of All Time, as a gentle reminder that sometimes we can all make REALLY bad decisions that we can regret forever.


1. Lady Mary Charteris

worst wedding dresses

This dress is absolute proof that privilege and money does not guarantee class. How Lady Mary looked in the mirror on the day of her wedding without ripping this hideous monstrosity off we will never know. The society IT girl chose this dress designed by Pam Hogg (who had designed for Lady Gaga), which is clearly too revealing and elongating, and finished off with far too much tulle in the lower regions. What was she thinking?


2. Emma Thompson

worst wedding dresses

As much as we love Emma Thompson’s marvellous acting abilities (and she seems like a thoroughly lovely person too) we can’t help but face-palm at her choice of wedding dress to her marriage to fellow actor and director Kenneth Branagh. The puffy sleeves and the fabric which resembles dated upholstery, combined with the bizarre cut of the outfit sadly make this dress an epic fail.



3. Katie Price

worst wedding dresses

We are sure that most little girls dream of being a Disney Princess at some point in their lives but please don’t channel this at your wedding. This completely over-the-top pink nightmare swamps petite former Page 3 model Katie Price and makes her look like she is playing dressing up with her Prince Charming. Just no!


4. Mama June

worst wedding dresses

Reality star Mama June inexplicably chose this ghastly camouflage print gown for her most special day. The overly ruched skirt and vile contrasting orange sash leaves us shaking our heads in disbelief. Combine that with the matching groom and you have one of the worst wedding outfit combos we’ve ever seen.


5. Celine Dion

worst wedding dresses

We sort of get the look that this vocal powerhouse was trying to achieve here, but sadly she got it very wrong. The dress is just far too big and the headress is far too distracting to look pretty. And what is going on with that bouquet?!

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