Why Photo Booths For Weddings Are So Popular

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Couples of today are always in search for new ways to make their wedding extra special, not only for them but also for their guests. For a lot of people, wedding day itself is not meant to be just about the bride and the groom. It’s also about the attendees having a great time, and this is where an amazing venue, delicious food, and other exciting whatnots come into play.

If you’ve recently been to a few or so weddings, you’ll notice one breakthrough element that has seemingly found its way in almost every wedding, big or small — photo booths.

As its name suggests, a photo booth is a, yes, booth set against a certain backdrop. There are props for you to use as the photographer snaps in your best photos. Right after that, your photos are immediately printed. Some come in ordinary photo forms, while others even come in magnets. For many couples nowadays, photo booths aren’t just an optional choice as it has almost become a necessity over the recent years.

Here are the reasons why it has become so popular, and why you need it too at your wedding (if you still aren’t married and are planning to):

1. You’re Freezing Beautiful Memories

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Printing out photos may no longer be a norm today as most people would rather save pictures on their phones or laptops. But, in reality, they still very much want physical copies of their photos. At the end of the day, nothing beats a printed photo that contains countless wonderful memories. It also happens to be one of the most precious wedding mementos you can give your guests.

A photo booth creates souvenirs that your guests can keep with them for a lifetime. Whenever your guests look at them, they immediately remember the beautiful memories they’ve created during your special day.

2. More Wedding Photos

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A person’s memory can’t stay as sharp as time passes. One day, your wedding might turn into merely just a forgotten event even to your family and friends. Yes, they’re going to remember the day you were married in that splendid venue, but they might forget the details that made that day memorable.

Even if you’ve got a wedding photographer, this team can only do so much especially when generally much of their focus will be on just the whole ceremony. The bride and groom will always be their priority subject. To ensure that you’ve got more photos, other than those also taken by your guests, have a photo booth. While the wedding photographer is busy inside, the photo booth can take care of the people and events outside of the venue.

3. Great Way For Guests To Socialize

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Weddings are generally a mix between the younger and older generations. Naturally, you’ve got friends your age to invite, but there will also be older family members who will attend. A photo booth is a fun activity that hits great for all ages. It’s a sneaky way to have your guests socialize, rather than be stuck in their same old circles.

Photo booths are a hit for both the young ones and the once young. As guests wait for their turn, chances are they’re going to mingle. It may start with a small talk about how cool the photo booth is, but that’s basically where socialization begins. Next thing you know, you’ll have guests sharing contact details with each other as they’ve found new friends. It’s a great way to bring the whole guest list together as a whole, despite the age gaps.

4. Practical And Useful Wedding Favors

Favors are an indomitable part of the wedding cost. At the end of the day, however, you want to be practical. Now, there’s a clamor for wedding photos that are both practical and effortless. Certainly, your guests don’t need another figure of a bride and groom to put on display in their homes. This is only going to collect dust.

It’s safe to say that photo booths could take care of a more practical wedding favor, especially when you have the photos printed out as magnets. When your guests bring them home, they end up right there on their fridge, displayed for them to see every single day. Also, because they’re personalized, your guests will most likely want to keep them. They don’t end up getting lost, or, worse, inside the bin.

This photo booth business in Sydney, Australia allows you to choose many options of photo print outs, making your wedding favors more personalized and special than you can ever imagine.

5. Works With Any Theme

When a couple decides on having a photo booth, they’re spared from thinking about yet another interesting element that would seamlessly go with their theme. Photo booths are so popular because they can effortlessly blend with any theme. You don’t have to worry about making sure the backdrop matches, or that the props are rustic-themed, as your wedding is. When you hire the whole photo booth team, they’ve got that covered through their package. They will be providing the props, which, by the way, don’t need to be theme-specific. The bottom line is that your guests have fun while their funky photos are taken.

6. Provides A Fun Break

Between the eating, dancing, drinking, and merry-making, some guests may want to go out for a bit, say, for a breather. Rather than just having your guests sit it out the entire time, lonely and tired, a photo booth is also an excellent way to give them this fun break. It also keeps things rolling, for instance, during that gap between the ceremony and the reception where the couple is swept away to have some more photos taken. Guests are usually served cocktails and appetizers, but a better way is through the photo booth. It keeps your guests occupied, even during the dead, waiting breaks.


If you’re getting married and haven’t considered having a photo booth, it’s a good idea for you to book one today. With the fun features it offers, rest assured that you’re giving your guests a memorable experience at your wedding. Photo booths are one of the wedding expenses that will always be worth the cost. Your guests will also be going home happy because of the photos they get to take home.

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