What Are The Different Wedding Photography Styles Today?

Your wedding day is going to be one of the greatest days of your life. Life after the wedding is often very different from the kind of life individuals live before. There are so many changes that come with marriage and a wedding day is the peak of the transition between singleness and marriage life. For this reason, it is very important to plan for this day appropriately. In fact, you should not struggle to fix things single handedly. With two heads, plans can be very effective and successful. This is a very important day you will live to remember. But then which kind of memories would you like to have? Well, the answer to this question depends on how you prioritize things. And today we want to discuss a very important aspect of the big day – wedding photography.

Why You Need To Consider Wedding Photography

Many individuals fail to prioritize things accordingly. Well, it is your day and you are the one to actually finance it. You decide how you want things to happen. However, you need to be very pragmatic, otherwise, you may live to regret. Many individuals think of eliminating some events because of financial constraints. In most cases, people do away with a wedding photography to save on costs. Do you think this is the right way to deal with the problem?

I am aware of individuals who live to regret because of eliminating wedding photography, and I will tell you why. Let us be realistic now. How much do you intend to on flowering? Perhaps hundreds of dollars. But then for how long are the flowers going to be useful? The answer is one day, and thereafter they are going to wilt. Now here is the question – is it wise to prioritize flowers at the expense of wedding photos? I don’t think so! Come to think of something else. How much do you intend to spend on reception? Look at that figure and keep in mind that the cake will be over within minutes and after reception people will leave. Will the photos depart? How long are you going to be with them? What about the invitation cards? For how long will they be useful? Wouldn’t it be wise to use other means to invite friends if you are really bothered with costs other than eliminating the photography?

Asking yourself such thought-provoking questions will help you be realistic in your budgeting. Wedding photography is so important and individuals who do not prioritize it due to financial reasons are just unreasonable. Besides, if you shop around, you can find photographers, such as Wure who charge considerably.

If you cannot cut spending on other events, then consider taking a personal loan for this purpose. You know in the end it is going to be you and your mate. Those photos and videos will always remind you of your marriage vows. Besides, you will not be in a position to capture everything. The photos will help you here. Down to this day, am always excited seeing the smile on mom and dad’s faces as I was kissing the bride. Let nothing deny you that happiness. Have something to show your kids in the future.

What Are the Different Wedding Photography Styles Today?

Having discussed the importance of wedding photography, let us turn our attention now to different wedding photography styles. The following are some of the best wedding photography styles you can consider.

  • Photojournalistic photography. This is a very popular wedding photography style that even beginners can adapt. It blends well with traditional photography. It takes the form of documentaries, where the photographer gives some informal briefings of the events of the day. The style requires a lot of creativity as well as critical skills in fast aiming, camera adjustment, and shooting since all these depends on the photographer.
  • Illustrative photography. The style focuses on composition and lighting as well as the background of the images. You will be required to pose candidly usually in a picture setting. This makes the style a perfect blend of both traditional and photojournalistic photography.  Generally, illustrative photography requires some skills, especially on landscape photography, and in some cases aerial photography. But again, it does not only depend on the photographer, though has to help you relax and give directions in order to come up with a spontaneous-appearance for the shoot.
  • Portrait photography. This style produces the most stunning images, especially on the blushing bride, or perhaps a happy couple during the wedding day. It is often perceived as a formal style due to the manner in which the couple appear and are often guided and posed for shooting. However, the style is least commended for solo shooters as it may compromise photographic results. However, it must be included in the shooting is for the entire wedding feature. And by the way, these are the images that often end up portraying the most emotion. Besides, these are the photos that couples will frame and display at appropriate places in their homes.
  • Natural photography. This style blends well perfectly with others. The idea here is shooting with natural light and not the camera flash or perhaps other artificial sources. The photos appear more natural, though the style is most appropriate for when it comes to outdoor weddings before the sunset. The reason behind this is avoiding the unbecoming shadows on the couples’ faces.
  • Traditional photography. These are often classic and posed and include group photos involving the couples along with their families. It also includes major events such as cake cutting and the couples’ first kissing. Though it has been there for so long, it is still the best way to take some key shots. The photographer is required to constantly guide and offer directions while shooting.

There are so many wedding photography styles. It only depends on what you personally want and your financial ability.


Wedding photos can serve important roles in the lives of married couples. We have discussed at least five wedding photography styles in this blog. Do not miss the joy wedding photography can give. Plan in advance and everything will work out perfectly.

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