Wedding Reception Ideas If Yours Isn’t A Dancing Crowd

Wedding Reception Ideas If Yours Isn’t A Dancing Crowd

The standard wedding reception is a tried and true tradition. While there are all kinds of variations in terms of size, style, live band versus DJ, etc., the idea is that people eat dinner, share a few toasts, and then start dancing! Now, not everyone has to join in the dancing, and many choose not to. It’s generally perfectly acceptable to hang out at the surrounding tables, catch up with old friends, meet new people, and enjoy a few drinks. Sometimes a table full of friends is having every bit as much fun as a dance floor full of revelers at a wedding reception.

But what if you’re planning a wedding for a crowd that just isn’t that into dancing? Or what if the bride and groom themselves aren’t big dancers? You typically still want music and at least a small dance floor, so that you can share a first dance and those who want to can get up and join in after. But there’s also nothing wrong with planning an alternative style of reception that allows everyone to gather, have fun, and celebrate without having to dance.

These are just some alternative reception ideas that may appeal, or may get you thinking about ideas of your own.

Set Up A Game Night

One of the best ways to friends to interact and have fun is to play games together, which makes a big game night an excellent alternative reception idea. And that doesn’t just mean putting a few stacks of board games on tables, or having corn hole set up at an outdoor cocktail hour. To give you an idea, one piece on the subject suggested 40 different games that could be good at a wedding reception, including croquet, trivia, mini-golf, supersized jenga, and more. You don’t need all of them of course, but it’s surprisingly easy to come up with a big, diverse range of games that will keep everyone busy and happy for a long reception.

Throw A Casino Night

Similar to a game night, you can also rope in a casino theme if that’s more the speed of your crowd. To some extent casino gaming has changed of late, and turned into more of an individual concept. People like to pull up black jack apps, play in poker tournaments online, and enjoy a variety of games and bonuses. In other words, it’s largely digital. But by going old school you can actually give your guests the kind of night they probably haven’t experienced in quite a while. You can rent professional card and craps tables, hire a few dealers, and maybe even have cards and chips made in coordination with your wedding aesthetic.

Have A Picnic

Another great thing about looking into alternative reception ideas is that in many cases they can save money. Renting the space for a big dance in addition to a band or DJ can be pricey, which is why some ultimately look into money saving alternatives specifically. One blog post on this topic mentioned the idea of a classy wedding picnic, which is actually a fairly lovely idea. Granted you need the right setting and good weather, but providing guests with massive picnic blankets and a selection of different catered meals, bottles of wine, etc. that can be taken to their blankets is a great setup. From that point on you’re essentially encouraging everyone to mingle outside and enjoy the weather.

Make Everything Interactive

This is more of an open concept, but it’s one that can be taken to an enjoyable extreme. Imagine, instead of getting a whole space set up for the reception, you offer different booths and buffet tables and do nothing else but assign guests tables. They could then pick out different outfits or accessories, choose their own table settings and decorations from a selection, put together their own plates of food and maybe even mix their own drinks. It’s more of a setup than anything else but it ultimately encourages your guests to interact and have some fun trying different things. It’ll wind up making for a fun party that doesn’t revolve entirely around dancing.

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