Real Tips: Wedding Planning Tips From Real Couples V

Here is our fifth installment of wedding planning tips from real couples who have already walked down the aisle.  Sign up to our newsletter to get regular weekly tips from real brides. These tips will be invaluable to you and your big day.

Write a personalised note to each table as an ice-breaker and a chance to thank guests. We made postcards which were places as table names on one side, and a short note to our guests on the other, and they are still being talked about months later!

Don’t let too many people influence you on your decisions. Too many ideas can leave you confused and end up straying away from your original plans.

Don’t have too many people with you when dress shopping, as special a time as it is at the end of the day it’s YOUR DRESS, you won’t want or appreciate comments coming from everyone.

bridal wedding Wedding shoes.
Wedding Photographer Jeremy Standley, Spain

Ask your friends to choose a song each that they would like to have a dance to, then download and make a playlist for after your band/DJ.

Try to pay a big deposit against the venue early on. You will be grateful you did as it gets closer to the day.

When booking a wedding photographer find someone with the style you like and who you feel comfortable with. Mona put us so much at ease we didn’t even notice her taking photos!

Don’t get obsessed with planning,as it’ll be a real comedown when it’s all over! Plan something lovely for once the wedding and honeymoon is over so that you have something else to look forward to.

We found that everyone really wanted to make the day as great as possible for us, and so we trusted the great team of people we had found to do their jobs without us stressing about it. It really paid off – everyone did such a good job and we were shielded from the (no doubt) endless stress that they were probably experiencing.

Bride getting ready in her wedding dress
Wedding Photographer Wolfgang Rada, Austria

Civil ceremonies don’t have to be short and functional. Give some thought to music beyond just the entrance, signing and exit, and ask musical guests to contribute. Include lots of readings, create a dramatic entrance, personalise your vows and do take the time to make order of service cards. With a bit of attention to detail, it can be just as grand as a religious service.

Get to know your venue! Visit it a few times before the day and get to know the people who will be responsible for your big day!

Don’t sweat the little things, going back to remembering what’s important!

This seems obvious but time rushes by, allow time during the day to mingle with your guests as they are the ones you want to enjoy your day with.

Don’t give guests a menu choice. Its too stressful and time consuming, just choose a dish most will like and a vegetarian option.

Don’t get caught up in perfection, your special day will be perfect from start to finish!

We chose to buy our own suits for the ushers. When you add up the price of hiring a suit and then a separate gift, the cost of buying a suit can be equivalent. Get the lads measurements and keep an eye out on the sales/outlets.

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