Real Tips: Wedding Planning Tips From Real Couples III

Welcome to the third installment of Wedding Planning Tips From Real Couples who have already made it down the aisle. Don’t forget you can sign up to our newsletter to get even more tips directly to your inbox.

Don’t go overboard on a theme unless it’s really important to you. Sometimes less is more and accents or nods to a theme are more effective.

We hired a coordinator for the day itself which was a life saver! Our venue was not set up with anything (really it was just a woodland and a field!), which meant that on the day itself and the day before, there was a lot to be done to get it ready. We’re really glad we hired a coordinator because it meant we didn’t need to worry at all on the day. Remember what’s important!! If you start feeling like your freaking out stop whatever it is your planning that day and have some ‘you’ or ‘you two’ time, you don’t have to do wedding planning everyday.

Wedding-Photographer Cristiano Ostinelli Studio, Italy
Wedding-Photographer Cristiano Ostinelli Studio, Italy

Candelabras seem old fashioned but actually have some great benefits, being higher off the tables so they don’t restrict the view, cheaper than large floral arrangements, look really dramatic and provide intimate lighting later in the evening. Put flowers around the base if budgets allow.

Relax! Chances are you’ve made a bigger fool of yourself in front of your loved ones at some point before so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting up in front of them!

Wedding Photographer Italy Francesco Spighi
Wedding Photographer Francesco Spighi, Italy

Make the most of your talented friends. We had our flowers supplied and beautifully arranged, and our cake created by very good friends. This made the day more special and personal.

Plan it how you want it, don’t try to please everyone else, it’s your wedding day.

BRIDES GET A PHOTO WITH YOUR MOTHER!!! I didn’t realise until after but this is the photo you miss – you will have millions with your husband, lots with your dad as he walks you down the isle but unfortunately the presence of your mother can be lost on your wedding day – don’t let this happen as this was one of my only regrets.

We chose Mona Ali at Artomedes Wedding Photography.  We booked her around 6 months before our wedding day, even then we thought we were lucky to get one with such short notice.  I’d say make sure you book your wedding photographer very early in the planning process.  Earlier than we did.

When it comes to buying your wedding dress, trust your instinct but listen to the women who have the boutiques as they see women every day in all manner of styles and have a good idea of styles that would suit you. And don’t discount a dress because it’s not the colour you’d have. The dress I wore was originally in a dusky pink kind of colour which wasn’t the colour I wanted but was exactly the style I wanted. Usually, the dresses can be made in most colours.


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