Real Tips: Wedding Planning Tips From Real Couples Part II

Welcome to the second installment of Wedding Planning Tips From Real Couples who have already made it down the aisle. Don’t forget you can sign up to our newsletter to get even more tips directly to your inbox.


Only invite people you want there – do not feel pressured by family or friends to have people at the most intimate day of your life if you don’t have a relationship with them. I like the 5/10 year question – will the person (or there plus one!!!) still be a close friend in 10 years if the answer is no – then cut them off your list.

Pick comfy shoes you are happy to wear all day. Diamante shoe clips jazz up any shoes for a fraction of the cost

Write everything down because you’ll end up forgetting half the things you need to do

Think about what is really important to you when sorting out a budget

wedding photographer brazil fabio souza
Wedding Photographer Fabio Souza, Brazil

Don’t feel pressured into pleasing everyone else when it comes to guest lists. It’s about you two and therefore the people you want to have there should take priority over distant relatives you feel obliged to invite simply because they’re relatives! This is tricky though haha.

Along a similar vein – be savvy about spending – we definitely did find that unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people out there who up their prices as soon as the wedding word is mentioned. We just made sure that we shopped around for all the big things to make sure that we were getting the best deal possible.We got a bit creative on some things, e.g. our venue didn’t have a corkage charge which was great, so we bought all our wine and champagne in the 50% off deals that the big supermarkets do at Christmas. My brother got married the year before us so he was able to give us really good estimates for how much wine we might need. In fact we ended up over catering on this front (even though we didn’t end up spending much!) and we’re still working our way through it now!

We booked our wedding photographer very early on in the process and we found and loved Allister Freemans wedding portfolio.  We booked 7 or 8 months early.

Don’t agonise about making it ‘perfect’. Decide what is most important to you and invest time in those decisions, but keep some perspective on smaller decisions.

Meet a few photographers before choosing the one, find one you have a good rapport with and that you feel most comfortable and relaxed around.

Father and bride at the alter
Wedding Photographer Steven Rooney, Southport

Try and make it personal to the both of you by adding d.i.y elements, it really does help with the stress (knowing things will be done exactly as you want them)


If you are supplying your own alcohol, set up an alert for your chosen booze online (wines direct, mysupermarket etc) to let you know when prices are low.

TIME – give yourself time the night before to spend time with your bridesmaids and mother – this is important and it goes way to fast.

A live band really gets people up and dancing. We had a Chas & Dave tribute band who were fabulous!

Look for sample wedding dresses at wedding shops. You can save a lot of money.

Wrapor shrugs. Had a nightmare trying to find something to cover my shoulders until I found that company.

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