Top Wedding Planning Tips For Introverts

Did you know 1 in 3 people self identify as introverts. Introverts are often incorrectly typecast as unsociable or distant. According to Psychology Today, introverts can be just as warm, loving, and appreciative of social interaction like anyone else. Introverts just crave the interaction on a different level and don’t always relish being the center of attention. This can make wedding planning for introverted brides even more stressful when all eyes will be on the bride.

Never fear.

Here are some strategies for introverts to plan their big day and minimize the related stress and anxiety…

1. Build in time to recharge before and during the wedding. Wedding planning is hectic and with all the errands and tasks, you’ll be pulled in many directions. Schedule time each week (several times in a week is even better) to retreat away from the hustle and bustle. Turn your phone off and stop answering emails. Use this time to rest and replenish your energy.

2.  Keep your wedding intimate. Introverts relish quality time and deep meaningful interaction over large gathers. Work with your significant other to keep the guest list manageable and you’ll be less overwhelmed by the numbers. Small, intimate weddings can be just as memorable – especially if your anxiety levels are exaggerated with the thought of hosting a large soiree.

While you are whittling down your list, be sure to give careful thought to the temperament of your potential invited guest. Avoid including guest who thrive on conflict or drama. Introverts don’t handle conflict well and ill-tempered guests can potentially introduce unnecessary stressors that can spoil the affair.

3. Select an appropriate venue. Choose a facility with a side room, an alcove, or an outdoor area. These options offer the perfect mini hideaway when you need to collect your throughs or have a minute to recharge. Having a private area to steal away will help introverts pack in the much needed alone time.

4. Select an M.C. for the event. You don’t have to be in the center of attention to shine for your big day. Hire an M.C. for the day to keep the festivities light, moving, and on task. An M.C. will divert unwanted attention from and liven up the atmosphere.

Wedding Photographer Spain, Rocio Vega
Wedding Photographer Spain, Rocio Vega

On the actual day, you can also take advantage of a few simple strategies outlined on the infographic.

  1. Communicate with friends and family. Let them know what you need and how they can best pitch in. Everyone loves a wedding. Take advantage of the good will.
  2. Enlist your spouse-to-be’s help with social duties. Lean on your partner; especially if they are more outgoing. After all, you’ll getting married now.
  3. Hire a Day-Of Coordinator. Even if you relish the thought of planning your wedding on your own, a day-of coordinator will help set your mind at ease. They can take care of the details so you can focus on being a lovely bride and enjoying your wonderful day.

One in three people self identify as introverts. There is no reason that being an introvert has to place a damper on wedding planning or hosting a memorable affair. Remember, a wedding doesn’t have to be perfect. It should be a festive occasion with friends and family to begin a new phase of life with a special person. Create the perfect event for the two of you and enjoy your special day.

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