How To Have An Unplugged Wedding

‘Just enjoy the moment..!’ Ever heard those irritating words before? Some would say we’ve turned into a society that no longer just enjoys the moment, instead we’re trying to capture every millisecond through our cameras, or even worse our phone cameras. Does this mean we’re missing out on what’s right in front of us…The Moment?

Many couples are now requesting their day is ‘unplugged’. So, what on earth is that? An unplugged wedding is where the wedding photographer gets to shoot with freedom, without Uncle Barry enthusiastically getting in the way with blinding flashes from his huge new camera, ruining a perfect exposure and moment. After all, you’ve probably paid your wedding photographer a tidy sum as a professional to capture those all important moments, so why risk ruining them? Many wedding photographers now insert a clause into their contracts, stating they are not responsible for any shots missed due to guest interference. Yes, it’s come to that.

Make your wedding a little bit less stressful and avoid the potential fury.

Take a look at this image by wedding photographer Corey Ann. Corey is an international, award-winning photographer based in Northeast Ohio. This image is the direct result of dear old Uncle Barry getting in the way and his over-zealousness with his newly purchased DSLR and gigantic flash gun powered by the sun. What a shame, eh? And I’d eat my hat if his picture is better than Corey’s…

Bright flash ruins wedding photo
A blinding flash ruining a perfectly good photo. Photographer Corey Ann Photography

If you can’t afford a wedding photographer, then utilising amateur friends and family is obviously a good option. However make sure you assign just one main photographer (Barry?!) and make it clear to any others that it is important they don’t get in the way. You can really benefit from pooling all the shots from the day to complete your wedding album, capturing those memories that might otherwise be missed.

Guest ruining a wedding photograph
Would you really want to see this man in your wedding photographs? Photographer Corey Ann Photography

Asking For An Unplugged Wedding

You can specify your desire for an unplugged wedding at various points, starting with the wedding invitations and through to gentle reminders on and throughout the day. The best man can politely ask guests upon arrival, or you can create a quirky sign for all to see on arrival. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want – remember, you can never get these moments back, and your professional wedding photographer is there to do their job.

Here at The Select Bride we predict that unplugged weddings will become a standard request in the future. Make your wedding a little bit less stressful and avoid the potential fury.

Did you have an unplugged wedding? Or were you affected by a keen guest ruining your professional photos? Please share you comments below.

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