Photography Tips: How To Find A Wedding Photographer VIII

It depends on what they are looking for and what they like, in general they should look for someone who can tell the whole story of the day, interpreting it according to the bride and the groom.

They should be looking for a photographer that matches their way of being, not only looking at the price.

All bride and grooms are different however, in my opinion, priority should be set on choosing the best photographer that they can choose. By best I mean the one that is better suited to their style and that they feel a connection with. Ideally, if budget allows, they should allow for an album, it is the best way to view and conserve images. Engagement shoots can be fun but they are not for every couple. I do not include them in my packages (they are charged at additional cost) and I would say that approx. 15% of couples that book me decide to go for a shoot.

After that the price always plays a part, it is the real world after all. If albums are offered make sure you like the style of album available, can it be upgraded, how much freedom is there in the proofing of the final product.

If you’re having a winter wedding make sure they understand lighting, as there’ll be precious little natural light in winter.

They should look for quality, not quantity.  That’s why they first should go through the photographers portfolio, meet with him and have a chat. Know each other, what can the photographer offer you.

If clients want me to copy another photographer, I am not able to do that, because I got my individual style, like any other photographer. It is in our heads and in our eyes how the final product look like. So advice from me, if you want someone to do photos like other photographers you should contact him not anyone else. It is like going to Vauxhall dealer and ask him to sell you car which just like Lamborghini.

I think the 3 most important things are, do they like the photographers style, do they find the photographer easy to get along with and is the photographer within their budget.  Avoid choosing your photographer based solely on price, or if there are lots included in the package.

It is all about what YOU want, bride and groom should not feel cornered to pay for things they don’t want or need. Our advice is to look for whatever makes YOUR dreams come true in terms of a customized package but especially that makes you fall in love with the STYLE (both personal and photographic) of the photographer you choose. Think that not only will you spend more time on your big day with your photographer than anyone else but also you’ll be looking at his style forever in your wedding memories.

I really think that if you are going to hire a professional photographer, you really should make the decision based on their work and if it connects with you.  Make sure to at least have a chat with the photographer, and ultimately meet them in person or have a Skype conversation and just understand the process they follow and see if it fits for you.  I don’t suggest hiring a photographer just because they were recommended or simply because you want nice pictures.  Also, you should just let the photographer do his or her thing, and try to let them at it, without giving too much instruction, as a wedding is an event that unfolds and shouldn’t be too scripted – let it flow!! 🙂

I’m one for keeping things simple, so personally I have two packages –  one from Bridal prep to the speeches, and one to the First Dance. From experience that seems to cover the important bases, and gives couples the flexibility to have me there for the moments that are important to them, without the need to clock-watch.

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