Photography Tips: How To Find A Wedding Photographer IX

We think they should concentrate on finding the right photographer for THEM, not one that other people say would be “the best”. Someone that has a style that they can relate to, someone whose work makes them think “I would love to have photographs like these at my wedding”. Then, they should make sure that they meet him/her in person and see if they’re on the same page, if their personalities match and if they could get along during the wedding day. That’s because you should be able to relax and be yourself in front of this person for an entire day, if you want your photos to look natural and show your true personalities.

You should fall in love with the photos of your wedding photographer. That’s it. Imagine yourself in their pictures? Are you excited about it? Then, that’s your photographer, if not, keep searching.

What we think they shouldn’t be looking for is; Quantity over quality: two hundred excellent photos that tell the story of your day perfectly are way better than two thousand bad, repetitive ones that don’t say anything and are just delivered to meet a number quota. Price alone: if you are choosing your photographer solely based on his price, not being interested in what he actually does for the money or what his style is or what his portfolio looks like, then clearly nothing we’ve just said above really matters to you and you’re not really choosing a photography service, you’re just checking another thing off the list of things you want for your wedding because everybody else had them.

I think there has been a big swing to couples preferring the digital files in the last few years, but the ability to order a professional produced album either pre or post wedding is not to be under-estimated.

Photographer’s gear: nowadays, because of the constant evolution in technology, there’s always a new and better camera being released every few months. And thanks to the miracle of internet, our clients are always up to speed and know exactly what types of cameras are better than others. But let’s get real for a second, shall we? If you’ve seen your photographer’s portfolio, if he has done countless weddings and he has been consistent with his results every time, if you really like what you’ve seen and you can actually afford his services, does it really matter that he bought his camera last year and not last month? If he can use it to create images that you’ve seen and loved, wouldn’t you rather have that, than a bunch of bad ones taken with the best camera in the world?

Look for a quality professional photographer with a proven track record. If they like his/her style and the cost is within the budget, book them.

Don’t look for a photographer by price alone. One of my big sayings is ‘buy cheap and you’ll buy twice’

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