Hacks For Wedding Photographers on Protecting Your Camera Gear

For lots of wedding photographers, covering weddings is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs you’ll ever do. But for your rather valuable camera gear, it can be one of the riskiest, especially in the UK where the weather is fundamentally terrible.

So, why is it such a task to protect your gear when covering a real wedding? For a start, events like this require travelling. You are expected to turn up on location with equipment you can unpack and set up quickly, no matter where you might find yourself. You’ll also be expected to be on the move, following the event as it happens. This often means following the crowds from the ceremony to the reception, from indoors to outdoors, and even from dinner halls to hillsides, all to get those perfect shots of the perfect day.

Perhaps less than perfect is the task of carting around expensive gear whilst keeping it as safe as possible. Thankfully, The Case Farm has put together some easy-to-follow hacks for keeping your equipment as safe as possible when taking on big events such as weddings. Take a look…

Custom cut foam for camera storage

The use of foam for storage protection is being explored more and more, especially for photographers who need to take valuables on the move. The appeal is that not only is foam affordable and safe, you can also shape it to exactly to whatever you’re protecting. No need to look for odd shapes that will fit your exact camera and lenses, you can have them cut exactly to fit – meaning everything that needs protecting can be easily. So, no more carrying heavy and expensive gear in cases and worrying about it ratting around! It’s really quite inexpensive, considering. Check out these examples of custom cut foam which could be a life saver for you when covering weddings or outside events.

Shower cap weather protection (yes, really)

If you look online for camera protection, the chances are you’ll get directed to all sorts of websites selling appropriate products. The truth is, you don’t need to be spending money on a lot of these things. Some photographers have been known to use a simple shower cap on their camera for taking photos in the standard UK drizzle. The elasticated edge to grip the camera, and the material is, not surprisingly, designed to be utterly waterproof – so save yourself the expense and get creative! Give it a try.

Visit the outdoor clothing shops

As obvious as it may sound, it’s crucial to dress appropriately for long hours of hard photography work. It might be tempting to wear open toe sandals or, if you’re a female photographer, even a pair of small heels.  The truth is that this is a very big mistake indeed. Practically first, this is the golden rule of any photography job. Your equipment will not be nearly as protected as it should be if you are sliding around on a hillside or getting muddy in open-toe shoes. It goes without saying that tripping up when carrying equipment puts it at risk, so make sure you are in good, comfortable, weather-proof shoes which prevent any expensive accidents.

So, there you have it! Taking those outstanding wedding photos is easier and more likely with that little bit of forward planning. Enjoy your next project!

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