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Wedding Photographer Odessa, Ukraine
Irina Skripnik

wedding photographer ukraine Irina Skripnik

Hello, dear friends. I am Irina Skripnik a destination wedding and creative photographer based in Odessa, Ukraine. I have more than 10 years of experience in professional photography and love my work because I can meet and communicate with new people almost every day. I do personal and group, online and offline workshops for amateur and professional photographers.

In this picture are Karen and Valentina. They wanted to organize a pre-wedding session and really liked my idea of going to the coast by a stunning lighthouse near Odessa. This lighthouse was built specially for some movie project. When the project was finished the producers decided to leave this beautiful landmark, so now we have this spot that can be used for photography or videography projects!

Because the lighthouse is not real, and it is inside the lagoon, which is closed on all sides by cliffs it was really difficult to find it. I have spent many hours trying to find it, and finally it was there, great, stunning and completely ready to create something special and unforgettable!

When we arrived the weather was beautiful, the location had a great view of the sea and the colourful lighthouse. There was one little problem. The lighthouse was secured by two huge Rottweilers (great dogs, by the way). Fortunately for us we found the guardians of lighthouse and solved the problem with a smile and some money. We could then take our time and get the shots we needed.

The shooting process had some difficulties too, because it was the end of May and the sun was shining brightly, it was also very hot. I shot the couple with lit with a strong back sunlight, I had to use an additional light source in order to light their faces. There was my assistant with the light stand and Nikon SB900 flash on left side of the models. To synchronize the system I used Yongnuo YN622 transceivers. Almost all photos near the lighthouse were made using additional impulse light from the side.

This particular photo was taken using a Nikon D700 + Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8.

I asked Karen and Valentina to have fun and laugh and to spin each other around to create some action in shot. There are a series of photos and one of this image was the most successful.

The post processing of this image was easy because the composition was complete, there were no defects or unwanted elements. But I decided to add some spring sea breeze, the problem was how could I show it? It’s a breeze! The best way to show wind is to show something flying in it. So I used dandelions, their appearance was the exact thing I needed.

I also added a bit of light glare, because it adds a sense of a magic. I almost forgot about the fog! I used it behind the couple. With a help of the fog it added an order to the elements in the photo and brought the couple to the front, it made them more expressive. The colours of the photo are the same as they were in reality, I did not change them.

You can see the video slide show that of Karen and Valentina with the photos from this session –

Thank You

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It’s a colouful and fun shot and we wanted to know more about the wonderful post processing on this image, it’s like a painting of a special moment.

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