Photo Of The Day: A Sunset Silhouette Of Playful Bridesmaids & The Bouquet


Wedding Photographer Fortunato Caracciolo
Tuscany, Italy

wedding photographer tuscany fortunato caracciolo

Often a lot of people ask me:

‘What is the best photo you’ve ever taken?’
My answer is always the same: ‘The one I’ll take tomorrow’.

I’m always looking for something that pushes me to do this wonderful job and makes me love it with all my soul.  It gives me endless joy to think that every time I take a picture it’s like I can ‘stop time’,  I can give a bit of my feelings, my soul and my thoughts. But mostly I like to think that I do the best job in the world!  Photography is a state of mind. To be lived intensely, it must be lived with passion. After all, the big picture is nothing more than this: my soul, my hopes!

This shot was taken at the end of the ceremony in a beautiful place by the sea.  We were in the archaeological park of Capocolonna in the South of Italy. We were taking a walk with the couple and a group of friends. Suddenly the bride began to play with her friends throwing the bouquet into the air.  The light was great, a sublime sunset. I just told them to move a little, in my opinion, where the light was better.  The only difficulty was in the sun was too low because of the late hour so I had to lie down on the floor, I set the shutter speed of my D810 on CH (continuous high speed) et voilà the shot was done.  Immediately after shooting I showed it to them and they hugged me hard and said thank you very much.

For this photos I used Nikon D810, with 35mm 1,4, ISO 64, 1/400 – f.5,0. Post production I used Lightroom and Photoshop.


The Select Bride’s Thoughts

We loved the colours in the shot.  So strong, so warm.  The image itself looks very playful and natural and we have a soft spot for silhouettes, especially ones with such warm and amazing colours.

Wedding Photographer Tuscany, Italy
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