Sussex Wedding Photographer Neil Walker

Today in our ‘Wedding Photography Spotlight’ we speak to the lovely Neil Walker from Neil Walker Wedding Photography.

Neil is a well qualified wedding photographer who has shot hundreds of weddings.  Before shooting weddings he shot photography for the advertising industry and portraits all over the world.  Neil prides himself on capturing the most intimate, emotional and often funny moments of your day.  Working in the background in an unobtrusive way, you won’t even know Neil is there.

Neil is based in Sussex and shoots weddings all over the UK & you’ll certainly be in good hands.


Choose a photographer whose photos evoke some kind of emotion.


Thank you for the excellent job! I am not a big fan of having my photo taken but you made it all feel very natural” – Anthony



What really gets you emotional when you’re shooting a wedding?

This is really why I shoot weddings, I used to shoot advertising photography and was asked by a relative to shoot her wedding, I thought it would be fun, but had no idea how life changing it was going to be. I loved shooting the wedding & in particular all the emotion that goes in to the day.  This is in contrast to shooting advertising photography, which is largely staged using models. In particular it was the moment the couple were saying their vows, Gareth’s (the groom) voice started to crack & you could see all the emotion on his face. It made me emotional too & it was while I was post processing the photos I decided I wanted to shoot weddings full time.


How do you put a couple at ease before and during their big day?

Planning & communication.  I like to talk to the couple as much as possible before their day. I like to meet up and walk around the venue talking through the timings & arrangements. This gives the couple confidence all their needs are covered so when I arrive on the day they are happy I can be left to deal with the photography while they get on & enjoy their day. It helps enormously putting them at their ease, so they feel they know me & how I’m going to work on the day.

Photographing a couple’s wedding day is a very intimate thing to do. I love meeting new people, so weddings are perfect for me.



What is it about being a wedding photographer you love?

It’s got to be the people. Photographing a couple’s wedding day is a very intimate thing to do. I love meeting new people, so weddings are perfect for me.

What is it about being a wedding photographer that you don’t love?

Occasionally, particularly when a couple live abroad, I don’t have the chance to plan fully with them. Doing it on the phone or through Skype is never quite as good!



What is your favourite part of the day?

The best part of the day for me is usually the bridal prep. It’s the calm before the storm with a wonderful sense of anticipation. All the bridesmaids & family are usually having great fun when I arrive. I tap into all that energy to get some lovely shots of them enjoying themselves as they get ready.



What tips would you give a couple on choosing a wedding photographer?

Choose a photographer whose photos give you some kind of emotion & who is into planning. Choosing someone who ticks all the boxes is all very well, but if you don’t get emotional when you look at their work then you may not get emotional when you look at the photos they’ve done for you!


If you weren’t a wedding photographer what would you love to be doing?

I would be shooting another sort of photography. Before shooting weddings I worked in advertising photography, then owned a portrait studio. I can’t imagine ever doing another job.

What are you looking forward to, and why?

I have some great photography training days lined up this year, I’m looking forward to doing them & developing some of my ideas at the weddings I have afterwards.

Wedding Photographer Sussex– Neil Walker Photography

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