Wedding Photographer Strasbourg Olivier Fréchard Spotlight

Olivier discovered photography seven years ago after his wife gave him his first SLR camera for his 30th birthday. He started to take pictures of his family and friends and after sharing his work on social networks he started to get requests to shoot weddings and pregnancy photography. The rest as they say is history. He was a semi-pro photographer for a few years and then he took the plunge and became a full time photographer three years ago.

Olivier, you are an exceptional photographer, professional and with a great sense of relationship.

How did you get into wedding photography?

I worked in another environment. I was director of a reception and recreation center for children and young people. But the passion for photography has always been there. I started taking pictures of my family and it all went from there really. I shared my work on social networks and started to get some requests to shoot weddings and pregnancy photography.

Do you have a recent favorite photo that you have taken? Tell us how you took it and why you like it?

I really love natural reportge moments during the wedding day. I think it’s the most important part of a wedding photographers job. I also love capturing the bride & groom portraits. For me, it’s also important for the client to have beautiful posed portraits although I know it’s more fashionable! But it remains a symbol of the couple and the couple that I want to realize and I want it to be original, epic and cinematic!

I love it because it’s  very representative of my style. I love contrasts and lights, I love night photography and a cinematic universe. Some people might say that the rendering is too dark for wedding photography, but I really love the atmospheres, it reminds me of Tim Burton universe 😊


What really gets you emotional when you’re shooting a wedding?

I really want to shoot “real moments” during the wedding day. But The moments that I prefer are the moments when the couple first see each other or the mum, dad se their daughter for the first time in the bridal gown. When the father discovers his daughter in. These are very intimate and personal moments where the strongest men often crack 😊

This picture below is the “ first meet” moment. The groom has just discovered the bride.he started crying, hugging her. The, when he raised his head I saw these huge tears on his face, but also on the shoulders of the brides. It was just amazing


How do you put a couple at ease before and during their big day?

I try to be as natural and down to eartch as I possible can. I do not want to be seen as the “unstoppable artist photographer”.  The idea is rather to be an element that facilitates their day thanks to my experience in the field and my interpersonal skills and good qualities.

What is it about being a wedding photographer you love?

I like being an important person during this unique day. The bride and groom are counting on me and I appreciate having that responsibility. In addition,  I love to watch everything that happens during the wedding day and I try to capture original and elgant images for the couple.

What is it about being a wedding photographer that you don’t love so much?

Honestly… almost nothing. Maybe just group photos. It can sometimes be a little long to organise. 😊

If you could change one thing about the wedding industry what would it be?

I think the photographer should value their work a lot more. I also think it’s unfortunate that not many photographers work with print any more. A real marriage should be read in a beautiful photobook, not on a USB key 😊

What photography kit do you have in your bag & what is your favourite?

I work with 2 Nikon D850

Lenses :

Nikkor 14-24/2.8
Tamron 24-70/2.8
Nikkor 70-200/2.8 VRII

Nikkor 35mm/1.8 ED
Nikkor 85mm/1.8 G
Tamron 90mm/2.8 Macro V2
Sigma 135mm1.8/ Art

2 Flash Nikon SB900
5 Godox 860vII
1 GODOX AD600 V1

My favorite lens is the Sigma 135mm/1.8 Art

What is your favourite part of the day?

I have two moments : “getting ready” and “the party”

During the preparations there are really important and intense moments that occur. Often, the bride and groom think that this moment is not as important as the rest of the day, but every moment is important.

And the party…For me it’s almost the heart of the day, the moment where there is the greatest atmosphere, everyone is relaxed and ther is the opportunity for crazy photos!

What tips would you give a couple on choosing a wedding photographer?

It’s really simple. Choose based on the style of the wedding photographer, does it fit with what a couple is looking for. The next one I think is important is choosing based on the wedding photographers personality. Forget the price, it will be forgotten in a few months. Choose the photographer you think is going to make you happy. Basing things on price could end up to be a big mistake.

Why do you think couples choose you?

It’s really simple :

1.       Because of my style
2.       Because of my personality

Seriously, The reasons that my clients often give me are :
– The quality of may images.
– The emotions placed into the pictures.
– And also the feeling between them and me.

How do you relax when you’re not shooting weddings?

I love working, thinking about new news and new concepts. So I work almost all the time.
But when I relax I like music, cinema but especially, as I said before spending time with my wife and my children.

What are you looking forward to and why?

Being happy and healthy, enjoying good times with my family and continuing to be able to live for my passion.

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