Photo Of The Day: A Beautiful Bride And Ray Of Sunshine

beautiful briadal portrait in sunshine

Wedding Photographer Badajoz, Spain
Forte de Graça, Elvas, Portugal
Wedding Photographer Kiki Calderón

This shot was a spontaneous photograph at Forte de Graça, Elvas, Portugal. It was taken between two scenes after the wedding ceremony had taken place. It was a beautiful autumnal wedding in Extremadura, with a lot of young people having lots of fun.

I saw the beautiful streaming light and I composed the shot around the wonderful light and the bride. I used Fujifilm x100f, 1/250, f8, iso 200 and matrix metering.  In post I just adjusted the vignette and adjusted the contrast and colours to get the desired effect I wanted.

I think it’s a different approach to a bride portrait, I love it and most importantly the couple love it!

Wedding Photographer Spain


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

You can feel the warmth and the love in this shot. Great composition with the light drawing your attention to the bride and her beautiful dress.

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