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My attempt is to photograph the wedding day as naturally as possible, trying not to step in and go unnoticed, having a more documentary approach whilst trying to mix the natural moments with artistic creativity, using the light, timing and composition.

The couple, Elena and Jose, were married in another city in June 2015, but wanted photos in their local church, so we did a post wedding shoot to take pictures.  The photograph was taken in the Church of Sieteiglesias de Tormes in Salamanca. Spain

We were taking photographs inside a church and I had finished my shoot. While the videographer took his pictures, I went to inspect other church halls; Suddenly I came into a very small room, (the couple could barely stand) but a fascinating light entered through a small window. I studied it for a moment, I had to get the shot quick because the sun was going down very fast. I pushed some things out of the way that were in the room, just where the light fell and placed the couple.

The greatest difficulty I encountered was working in such a small room and working fast due to the light fading away very quickly.

I had to put the couple on the floor where the light was coming through the small window. I wanted that light to hit their faces and at the same time I wanted them looking away from where it came. I used some smoke to define the beam of light and then  I stood against the wall right next to the window to have a better viewing angle. I tried to create a diagonal with light to give the shot more effect.  The result is this striking image.

Shot With :

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon EF17-40
ISO: 125 1/160s
Natural light, and I used to some smoke om the beam of light.
I managed to capture two photographs, since the light went down very quickly

The post processing is very simple, basic adjustments of contrasts and creating a cooler colour temperature around the beam of light. We were all very happy with the results, which is the main goal of any session.

Johnny García

Wedding Photographer Spain
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