Photo Of The Day: A Passionate Image Of A Beautiful Couple By Alberto Sagrado

Wedding Photographer Alberto Sagrado
Alicante and Murcia, Spain

Wedding Photographer Alicante and Murcia Spain Alberto Sagrado

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Cristina & Julio were one of those couples that let me boost all my creativity as a wedding photographer. They chose an abandoned factory for their session ‘Trash The Dress’ which, for sure, was going to give us lots of possibilities.

The sky was a beautiful blue and the interior walls had a great warm tone. I immediately thought there was a great image by making a double exposure with the help of a flash off the camera, which I always carry to my sessions.

The picture is made up of two exposures in one single photo. For the first photo, I shot the flash to the wall leaving the couple in shadow. Then, I went outside the factory to get the beautiful blue sky and sunset clouds which overlapped in the area of the previous picture – which was still unexposed, that is, the couples silhouettes.

Camera settings:
Nikon DF (2 shots in one image).
Nikon 35 1.4.
1st exposure ISO 100 f1.4 1/640 Flash with Pocket Wizards.
2nd exposure ISO 100 f5.6 1/640 No Flash.

The Select Bride’s Thoughts
When we saw this image and straight away though of burning passion.  It’s interesting and creative and any couple would be very happy to have such an artistic shot from their wedding day.

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