Photo Of The Day: A Touching Moment With The Flower Girls

Wedding Photographer Rome, Italy
Villa Irlanda, Gulf of Gaeta, Southern Lazio
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I have always loved images ever since I was a child. Something struck me and the cinema was and still is one of my greatest passions. At the age of twenty, I realized that photography had captured my life, satisfying me deeply. Hence, I began to attend the Roman School of Photography preferring the portrait and dedicated myself to deepening printing techniques of the black and white at the Experimental Adams Center.

It was a very suggestive wedding. The couple was from Australia but the groom had Italian origin so it was a perfect mix of two cultures. There were also a lot of children that took part at the wedding. It was a sunny day and we were able to do a lot of photos outside in the beautiful sunshine.

In this image I was waiting for the bride and I saw a lot of children of different ages that were trying to get in line for the wedding procession. I saw these two little girls hugging each other so tenderly and I was compelled to captured that beautiful moment. It was a little tricky capturing the shot as the two little girls couldn’t stop moving, it was very sweet. I decided to keep the subjects on the left because the little girls were looking at the speaker on the right and I preferred decentralize them for the narration.

I shot with Nikon D4 , expsure time of 1/500 , aperture f 2,85 mm (f 1.4) Nikon. I really love this lens because it’s very bright and allows me to blur out the background details. I calculated the ambient light and I took the exposure on the girls choosing to leave the background lighter.

I used Lightroom for the post production. I increased the contrast and the sharpness a bit to emphasize their faces and their expression and that was it, leaving the original image pretty much intact.

I felt very satisfied about the final result of the shot and so happy because the couple really appreciated that real moment I captured  of their adored nieces.

The ceremony and the reception took place in Villa Irlanda, a beautiful location overlooking the Gulf of Gaeta in the southern Lazio region of Italy.

Wedding Photographer Italy


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

There is nothing more wonderful than children at a wedding, especially when they are showing such tender love towards each other. We had to have this warm and wonderful image.


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