Photo Of The Day: A Mysterious Wedding Photo By FotoDumbrava

FotoDumbrava Romania

Wedding Photographer Romania
Romania, Bucharest, The Romanian Peasant Museum
Wedding Photographer FotoDumbrava

I’ve been a photographer since 2008 and shooting weddings since 2010. I especially love doing event photography, engagements, weddings and baptisms. I work with my wife in our studio and we are the FotoDumbrava team.

While I was capturing some images of the bride after the ceremony, I noticed how well the light was shining on the wall you see in this image. The bride’s veil was gorgeous and long so I thought of using it to create a mysterious image. The perfect light with a gentle breeze were perfect elements to create this picture.

The wind blew lightly but I still had to make shoot several shots before the veil was in the perfect position for this special picture!

I was down low, laying on the ground, looking for the right angle and communicating from with the bride and groom.

I shot this with a Canon 1DX, 16-35 mm Canon, f2.8, USM 3, ISO 125, f2.8, speed 1/1600 on AV priority. I used LR for processing, adjusting the white balance, clarity, contrast, vibrance and added a lot of saturation.

I love this picture although I think that nothing is perfect, yet! I don’t think that my couple saw it. It was more like a picture for myself. All my couples know what I do in general and they have all the trust in me. All my couples give me the freedom to make my job as I know it!

Wedding Photographer Romania


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

Beautiful colours, simple silhouette and a mysterious flowing veil make for a mysterious and stunning wedding photo.

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