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Lynsey Goddard Wedding Photographer, London

I’m an award winning documentary wedding photographer based on the Kent coast, although I spent almost 20 years living in London prior to moving here and much of my work is still based there. My background is in fine art, and so whilst I always seek to tell the story truthfully and without any intervention, I’ll always look for pleasing compositions and balance within a frame so the resulting photograph is as beautiful as it is genuine. I love featuring humour in my work, and I look for the unexpected moments and a different perspective on the familiar traditions. The story I want to tell of a couple’s day is the honest one, uncontrived and unpretentious. Each wedding is a blank canvas and I arrive without any preconceived ideas: each couple is unique, and as such, they should have a unique set of wedding images.

This photo of Carla leaving for her wedding was taken at The Aviator hotel in Farnborough. I’d noted the staircase on the way in, and knew I wanted to incorporate it into the narrative of her getting ready and leaving the hotel for the ceremony, but had no preconceived ideas about the final image. My style is purely documentary, so setting up the photo is not something I would entertain: it’s not what my couples book me for , and in my opinion it ruins the flow of the day and is disingenuous for a documentary wedding photographer. At the time, I didn’t know if Carla would take the stairs or the lift to exit the hotel, so I waited on the very top floor looking down onto the stairs, composed the frame, and waited. Fortunately she took the stairs and thus this photos was created!

The Select Bride’s Thoughts
We love the striking symmetry of this shot, and we wanted to find out more about the story behind it. We consider this to be a triumph of composition.

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