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wedding photographer yorkshire ryan browne

Wedding Photographer Yorkshire
Lancashire, Yorkshire, UK
Ryan Browne Wedding Photography

I have been in the photographic industry now for nearly 23 years, some time at college and some time as a sports photographer prior to going alone, which was almost 10 years ago. The skills learned as a sports photographer set me up well for the conversion to wedding photography and I approach each wedding as I would do a sporting event. Obviously the two are poles apart, but the basics are still the same. Whereas a sporting event I would be capturing the latest news/ event for the national press, with a wedding I am capturing moments, of which my clients will look back on for years to come.

Shape, Silhouette and Form. 3 words that have stuck in my head throughout my career.

The image of the bride was getting ready was taken some time ago. It was the first thing I saw when I walked in the room, bearing in mind the three words above, my mind is always drawn to images like this. The vertical lines running through the window and the rollers still in the brides hair. It was just a matter of waiting for the bride to bring up the make up brush, and that was it.

I always try and give my clients a variety of shots in any given part of the day. If a silhouette is not possible the I would look for the light and do something else. Having a wide range of skills helps, it allows me to adapt and make use of the light to capture those moments.

As said above this is an old image, captured in 2007, when I was still shooting with a Canon EOS 1d MK 2 with a 7-200 f2.8 Lens

For this shot I spot metered for the brides skin tones nearest the window to ensure they were not burnt out, the light was quite even as it was a flat day outside, I then dialed in the exposure and waited.

As I shoot pretty much all my work in manual I usually keep with the same ISO in any given scene. The bedroom is no exception, the light is usually pretty constant so I would usually set my ISO and work away, only adjustments are then to the exposure. I shoot nearly everything at 2.8 except my formals. This shot was captured at ISO 800, at F2.8 on a 1/2500th, I could have dropped the ISO but would have missed the shot. I would rather capture the moment, regardless of ISO than miss that moment.

Captured at the brides home in Lancashire, England.

There is not a great deal of processing that went into this shot, I shot JPG back then and apart from the conversion to black and white, nothing more has really been done to it.

The couple loved it making up a full page in their album.


Wedding Photographer Yorkshire photographer yorkshire ryan browne

The Select Bride’s Thoughts

A wonderful and an intriguing silhouette of the beautiful bride. Great capture.

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