Photo Of The Day: Wedding Photographer Italy Luigi Rota

wedding photographer italy luigi rota

Wedding Photographer Italy
Villa Orsini Colonna, nr Lake Como
Wedding Photographer Luigi Rota

I’ve been working as a wedding photographer for about 30 years. I always try to change my work and always find new sources of inspiration. I take inspiration from the cinema, from the books of photographers, from advertising and travel, which is my passion and my job.

My style is simple, I prefer to capture emotions and real moments during the wedding day. Sometimes I will take photos by posing the bride and groom but this is rare. I love this job and the possibility of being able to document with my photos one of the most important days of a couple’s life.

This is the kind of picture I love about wedding and my work. I always try to capture spontaneous images and real moments without intervening. I capture what’s happening right now! I try to capture true emotions, as people live every moment on the wedding day. This kind of image can not be calculated, you can only foresee what might happen and wait patiently for that perfect moment.

I was far away from the bride, I often try to keep my distance by using a long lens, this way I can move unnoticed and not disturb the moments that occur. To capture this moment I used a Nikon d5 with a 70/200 mm and natural light. I took a couple of quick shots to get the exposure right and this is the resulting image. I did very little post work, I wanted to keep the image as pure as possible, just converting it to a strong black and white image.

There wasn’t any difficulty taking this shot, you just have to be in the right place at the right time, there are no second chances for a moment like this.

The groom and the bride had a truly magnificent day! They lived a day full of emotions and unique and unforgettable moments. They are a young couple of guys, they love each other very much, and their bond is very strong  and you can see it in the photos I took throughout their wedding day.

Wedding Photographer Italy


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

It is a beautiful moment and at WPS we love seeing real moments and real emotions captured in such a wonderful way.

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