Wedding Photographer Frankfurt Steven Herrshcaft Spotlight

Steven Herrschaft is a twenty one year ole wedding photographer based in a small village one hour away from Germany. In the last 5 years I won more than 130 national and international awards and I’ve been living my dream ever since.

This is pure talent!
Awesome day, awesome couple, awesome photographer – it’s that easy.
Your photos should hang in a gallery.

How did you get into wedding photography?

That’s a funny one because I’m pretty much the only wedding photographer out there who never had one those ‘real jobs’ before starting out in photography. I built my business during high-school and while I did my A-levels. It was pretty at times, but it was completely worth it.


Do you have a recent favorite photo that you have taken? Tell us how you took it and why you like it?

In a nutshell no. I am a perfectionist – the one thing I tell everyone out there is If I found that perfect shot that I couldn’t better, I’ll quit photography. Of course there are always images that I like, but I’m never 100% happy with the result.

Fortunately that’s also what makes me better and what pushes my own boundaries every single wedding that I photograph. I’m driven from the bottom of my heart to create something new and special. I’m always hunting for the ‘once in a lifetime shot’.

What really gets you emotional when you’re shooting a wedding?

I wouldn’t say that I get really emotional as I’m always trying to stay focused and stay in the moment. I’m 21, I don’t understand a lot about life or love – but I’m ok with it, I understand wedding photography.

There is one ritual that I do at every wedding which makes me super happy every time. When the party is going on and I’ve had a ton of fun jumping around the dance floor, partying hard and shooting at the same time – I take myself out of the action for just 5 minutes. I sit down, rest and look at all those people having the time of their life and remind myself how lucky I am to be a part of this every weekend. It is a gift which I’m more than thankful for. It puts a big smile on my face and that’s when I realize that all the hard work and hustling is worth it.

I’m so thankful being able to do this job.

How do you put a couple at ease before and during their big day?

I’m just myself, fully open and honest. Being me, that is why they hire me as a wedding photographer and that’s why people book me. Of course they like my images, but we also  tend to fit really well together as people. I think that’s what makes the coupld that book me feel comfortable around me.


What is it about being a wedding photographer you love?

I love to document the craziness and the fun of a wedding day. I focus on the little stories and moments. Those little things that tell a meaningful story and make a wedding day unique.

What is it about being a wedding photographer that you don’t love so much?

Well, I’d say paperwork, but I’m way too organized for not liking it in some weird ways… 😉

If you could change one thing about the wedding industry what would it be?

Wedding photographers should be nicer towards each other. Wedding photographers can be such douchebags when they see other photographers doing things different. Not even better but different. There is way too much mis-judging and resentment out there which isn’t helpful. We should work together instead of against each other.

What photography kit do you have in your bag & what is your favourite?

I really hate gear talk, to be honest. I feel like there are so many more important things than that. I see my gear as a tool in my hand and that’s how I use it. That’s also the reason I break at least one or two lenses each year, but when you’re doing the crazy stuff, sometimes things go wrong.

I’m still using my old 5D Mark III’s and I am still happy as hell using them at every wedding I shoot. I feel like this camera is a perfect fit for my style of shooting – and also for myself and my hands. Well done, Canon!

My Main setup is a combination of the Mark III and the 17-40L f4 lens. I know that many photographers say it’s a bad lens, but it just feels so right to much: the focal length is perfect for documentary work, it’s super light and quite small. Oh, and I don’t care about the aperture anyway.

In those scenarios where I need to use small apertures, I also have two 1.8 lenses from Canon with me: the 28mm and the 85mm. 3 lenses total and I’m perfectly happy as I almost never have to think about my lens choice as there are such few options. That makes me way faster.

And for flash light, I use those cheap Yongnuo’s. They cost nothing and work perfectly combined with my MagMods.

What is your favourite part of the day?

I love those wedding parties where everyones going crazy! Me too, most of the times…

On the other hand every part has something special, every wedding is unique and my job is to tell the stories that unfold.

What tips would you give a couple on choosing a wedding photographer?

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. You better trust your wedding photographer 100% because there is no second chances during a wedding. If the wedding is over, then it’s over. Having images you don’t like later might be something they regret.

In the end you have to follow your heart who seems as a right decision for your wedding.

Why do you think couples choose you?

I’m different. I always was and I always will be. I bring so much passion with me that the people see in my images. My couples book my because they couldn’t imagine someone else shooting their wedding – which for me is the greatest compliment of them all.

I think when they look at my portfolio they see themselves in my images and than they know that it has to be me!

How do you relax when you’re not shooting weddings?

I love to do sports and I do at least one hour a day to keep fit for myself but also for my job. That keeps me fresh and healthy but also gives me time to think about things or just don’t think at all and focus on my body. It makes me breath in some way.

What are you looking forward to and why?

The end of the off-season.

In personal life I’m looking forward to my graduation in college. I just finished my bachelor thesis. Finally, the end of a never-ending chapter.

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