Photo Of The Day: A Funky Picture Of The Bridal Party By Louis Brunet

Wedding Photographer Louis Brunet
Le manoir de la Jahotière, France

Wedding Photographer Nantes France Louis Brunet

I’ve been working in the wedding photography business four years now, and this has brought me an adventurous life day after day and a lot of happiness.

My work is mainly based on capturing strong emotional moments to tell my couples stories and sometimes some graphical pictures, like the one above. I love this process of creating new images based only on what I can find on site, without any predefined ideas or concepts. During a wedding, I mostly shoot people up close in order to put the viewer inside the scene and let them participate in that moment. My lens of choice is 24mm.

That day was long and a very hot. The couple were really amazing and the atmosphere was full of emotion and madness. Exactly how I love it! After a beautiful day at ‘Le manoir de la Jahotière’, a splendid and intimate renovated manor in western France, some very touching speeches at dinner time, the party was on! Most people had already had a few (a lot of) drinks and the ambiance was very hot. It was about 3am when I went outside to see what was happening out there. Anytime I change my environment I take a test shot (I’m always in Manual mode) to control my light. In this random moment I saw a guy in front of a red light. I immediately got the idea of a shot, as there were three identical lights like this one. I went to see the craziest girl in the party and told her to come with two friends, as crazy as herself. I didn’t know what I would do there, but I loved the light. They just started dancing and I started to shoot continuously in order to have the three of them with a good posture and position. A dozen of guys were smoking outside shouting at the girls asking them to do more and get crazier. It was funny and the girls were really enjoying that moment.

I didn’t focus on the camera settings as I’m not a technician. The only important thing for me is to feel the final result I want. I just had to check on the screen while shooting the first picture and the result was as I expected.

Post processing was very easy. I just had to remove two or three spots, the picture was initially the same way I saw it on my computer as on the camera.

The couple were very excited when they say this picture because they hadn’t seen that moment during the day. Even if they could only see the silhouettes, they could recognize who the girls were.


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This image is simply cool, and we wanted to know the story behind. A fine example of a creative photographer capturing a fantastic moment.

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