Wedding Photographer France Amandine Ropars Spotlight

Amandine Ropars is a 28 year old photographer from Rennes, France, and has been specializing in wedding photography for 8 years. Asserted, creative, sensitive, and full of life, she photographs with passion and inspiration.

“I do not believe in talent, talent does not exist, I believe in hard work, I believe in obsession in the pursuit of a result.” – Conor McGregor

Amandine is a photographer that we can only love. Before the big day she is at your service and understands your expectations. On the D-day, she sneaks between your guests, shows patience and professionalism.

How did you get into wedding photography?

Since childhood I have always loved art in all its forms, music, painting, drawing, dancing, writing. School was far too conventional in my opinion, and I loved the art history courses by far. Growing up, I started to be curious about photography, an unexplored area of mine. I then chose to take a distance-learning course, because it was out of the question to go back to school. During an internship, I discovered wedding photography and I hated it. The traditional approach did not suit me because I found it wasn’t creative enough. One thing leading to another, I then discovered another approach: lifestyle, then photojournalism, especially thanks to the English and American photographers. This is when I told myself that there were some beautiful things to make

Do you have a recent favorite photo that you have taken? Tell us how you took it and why you like it?

There is a photo that I like a lot. Not just for the photo itself, but for the lesson I learned from it. In this photo we see the bride during her preparations, with her two bridesmaids eating, just before putting on the dress. At that moment, the bride offers me to sit down and eat with her and her bridesmaids. Once seated I start eating, then I look in front of me and I see this scene. I immediately put my plate down and I immediately start shooting, without stopping until they finish eating, and I pray to have THE picture. Because a good photo is technique, composition, instinct but it’s also a bit of luck. This photo is, for me, an illustration of perseverance. And also a lesson on the fact that every moment, even the most trivial, can and must be photographed.

What really gets you emotional when you’re shooting a wedding?
I find that the sincerity of emotions is something very powerful. Seeing other people crying or being emotional affects me a lot. I have to say that I do shed a tear or two during the weddings that I cover.

How do you put a couple at ease before and during their big day?
The stories of the couples I photograph matter to me. I ask them questions, I tell them jokes to make them laugh, I advise them and I reassure them. All of this allows me to create a benevolent climate. Everything to me, is a question of feeling and trust.

What is it about being a wedding photographer you love?

I like creating, composing, telling stories, sublimating and transmitting. I like to party. I like to travel. I like people and social interactions. Weddings bring everything together!

What is it about being a wedding photographer that you don’t love so much?
It’s a job that requires a good physical condition and my body reminds me of it every Sunday after a wedding. Also, the fact of working mainly on Saturdays makes me miss a lot of personal events, barbecues with my family, birthdays etc., it is the price to pay to be able to do what I love and I am ready to accept that.
I also find the editing quite tedious, sorting and editing more than 6,000 pictures every week requires a lot of energy and time. But for the moment I want to do it by myself because the editing I very personal in my opinion.

If you could change one thing about the wedding industry what would it be?

What photography kit do you have in your bag & what is your favourite?

I am no “gear addict”.  I work with  2 5D mark 3’s, a 50mm 1.4 and a 24 mm 1.4 mainly, and then a 85mm when it is difficult to get closer.

What is your favourite part of the day?
The preparations and the dance floor, without hesitation! I like the calm of the morning, which gradually turns into an adrenaline rush. It’s also a time when I can easily navigate and allow myself to move things to create beautiful compositions. And then the dance floor because first, I’m a party animal, but also because this is the moment where everyone loose their grip on the day they had, and often a good energy emerges from the dance floor!

What tips would you give a couple on choosing a wedding photographer?

Artistic style, feeling and professionalism!
Why do you think couples choose you?

My personality is reflected a lot in my work. It is often said of me that I am someone sweet (even if I am in front of the scene at a metal festival 4 days a year making the sign of the horns being thrown in a pogo). It is often said that sweetness emerges from my work (even though I sometimes create very dark and very contrasted images). I think couples choose me for that. A luminous character, sweet but very assertive, just like in my work.


How do you relax when you’re not shooting weddings?

Time. The only thing you cannot buy and cannot recover; so I make sure to use it wisely. I like to travel, read books about personal development, go to exhibitions, listen to podcasts while eating, go out with friends, party, see my family. I like to spend time inspiring myself, everything and anythi : whether it is decoration, art, music, cinema… In fact I like very simple things. I also do a lot of sport, for myself, but also to be in good physical condition during the wedding season.

What are you looking forward to and why?

I love festivals, concerts, metal and electro music. Since I’ve been a wedding photographer, I have had little time to enjoy the summer. BUT this summer, many festivals are waiting for me, and a few trips.

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