Photo Of The Day: A Striking Image By Wedding Photographer Daniel Ribeiro

Wedding Photographer Daniel Ribeiro

Wedding Photographer Brazil
Campo Grande – Mato grosso do Sul , Brazil
Wedding Photographer Daniel Ribeiro

I am a wedding photographer who is always ambitious in my work. When I go out to a wedding shoot I like to challenge myself and I always look for ‘That Creative Photo’. I like to be creative all the time, inventing things and sometimes these things are right or wrong, but you have to break the rules sometimes to find what works.

An artistic image feeds my soul and makes me very happy, it requires a lot of work, wedding photographers need to get out of their comfort zone and put the brain to work all the time. Today with the possibility of post production you can think beyond the click of the camera and that is what I try to do in my latest work. I always think beyond the click and this has changed my work and the way I see each image and my approach to wedding photography. The range of possibilities has become much greater.

I try to visualize the image before I have taken it for the post production process, not just in terms of correcting vibration, sharpness, exposure etc but taking what may theoretically leave an image with less impact without heavy manipulation. Hiding (The black background that many love and many hate) the things that theoretically I did not like in an image. That’s exactly what I visualized in this image. I saw a very strong (Composite Item of Composition) line that runs through the entire photo.

The couple in white clothes and the yellow band opened a range of possibilities and something told me “Click enough, create enough and you will have a pleasant surprise.” My intuition is running at full steam with my latest work. I took several pictures for this shot but I chose this image working outside the rule of thirds to escape the obvious, creating a more interesting image.

The bride and groom’s movements were perfect and with a little direction I told them to run over the line. As a reminder for the beginners, when photographing movement it is good to think before you take the shot what kind of result you want in the end. In this case I needed the couple to be frozen without blurring them, so I used a fast shutter speed. If the image out of my camera isn’t sharp and exactly what I need, no amount of post production could get the result.

I didn’t like the landscape, it was competing with them and distracting from the overall image. So I took a picture with the scenery inthe shot for the bride and groom because that is something they may have liked and I did a more interesting photo using post production to hide everything else in another image. In Photoshop I changed the image to Black and White, I selected the couple and the line and I used the Levels command to darken everything else. The result really made me happy and brought more impact to the photo. Experimenting and making mistakes is key to creating great images.

Technical Details :
Nikon D610 Camera – ISO 100 – 28 mm – f / 11 – 1/160 – Fixed lens 28 mm Nikon 1.8

Wedding Photographer Brazil

The Select Bride’s Thoughts

A gorgeous atmospheric image with a splash of light in the perfect spot. It uses sharp and clean lines drawing the eyes to the couple.

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