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Wedding Photographer Pixies In The Cellar
Mottram Hall, Cheshire

wedding photographer cheshire pixies in the cellar

We’re always pushing ourselves creatively, seeking out new possibilities to express an element or the flavour of our clients’ wedding day. We attract the couples who get it, who appreciate well crafted photography with an element of art/style and a little edginess. We work hard during a shoot, but the rewards are well worth it.

Ring shots are always a little contentious in wedding photography circles (no pun intended). Lots of photographers perceive them as being pretentious or ‘cheesy’. Personally, I think these shots represent an important, symbolic element to the day so photographing them is a must. To photograph this aspect in a fresh way brings on it’s own challenges, what to do with two rings and very limited time.

I discovered a long time ago that any form of movement within an image creates a new sense of depth, the image becomes almost unbalancing as if sensing this aspect of movement for a split second.

I’d just been photographing the bride before her ceremony when her brother walked passed carrying the rings. So, I asked him to place the rings in one hand and gently toss them in the air just a few inches.

The (diffused) light was pouring in through a large ornate window from camera right, perfect lighting. Nikon D4 set on motor drive (10 fps), pre-focused on the rings in his hand and this moment he went to toss the rings I started firing. Even at 10fps I only managed three shots at most in the air, it happens very fast.

I wanted to create separation between the rings and the dark suit, so I chose to shoot this on 85mm at f1.4 (brave or crazy, you decide). D4 set to 4000th sec, ISO 2200, f1.4 These settings were based on creating a dark background for the brighter and sharper rings to pop out of the frame. This exercise took about 4 ring tossings to get the final shot as f1.4 at this distance creates a very narrow DOF indeed, in fact the front of the rings are in focus, the back of the rings are out of focus. Insanely narrow DOF.

Post-processing was minimal, with just a little dodging and burning to highlight the rings a touch more.

The final shot was absolutely bang on, sparkly sharp rings with a dark background and hinting at the Autumnal colour theme of the wedding. This was exactly the image I set out to create i.. rings with a little edginess, little pretence and a sense of style.

The wedding took place at the amazing and classical Mottram Hall at Prestbury in Cheshire UK

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