Wedding Pet Portrait Photos and How To Take Amazing Ones

One way to make a wedding more memorable is by capturing all the family members and loved ones showing their outpouring of love for the couple on their special day. As a photographer, you have to make sure to highlight the exciting moments of the wedding. If your clients are fur parents to adorable pets, they can be a great highlight in a wedding portfolio.Wedding Pet Portrait

To make sure you capture the best shot, here are some tips on how to take photos of pets in a wedding:

Make sure you have an affinity for pets

Having an affinity for pets is an important trait you must have if you want to succeed in taking wonderful pet photos. Of course, if you’re scared of them, you won’t be able to focus and work with the angles.


But don’t worry, if you’re calm enough and have the patience, you’ll still be able to capture some good shots.

Timing is everything

If you are shooting pet portraits, you have to make sure that you are not uneasy or moving too much, as this will make it difficult to capture clear photos. Shoot them the moment you see that they’ve calmed down or are just resting. Try to also move closer when taking pictures.

You can also use other lenses to capture portrait photos, but you might miss out on other details, such as the background, which can make the picture more interesting. You can check Colour Pet Studio for samples of pet portraits and how they’ve transformed it to be more interesting.

The best time to capture pet portraits is when they’ve either just woken up or are getting sleepy. Pets tend to be steady during these moments, so it’s the best time to put out the camera and take good photos.

Shoot under natural light

The best pet portraits are the ones that appear very natural. Therefore, the best time to shoot pet portraits during a wedding is when the ceremony is done in the daytime. But if not done correctly, light can reflect in their eyes and coat.

Avoid using flash photography because it will put too much light and reflection that can cause red eyes. The pet might also get frightened if you use a flash to take photos.amazing pet portraits

Make use of props

Pet portrait photos are more appealing if there are props. You want to capture the light and happy mood of the pet. Here are some situations where you can take amazing photos with the use of props:

  • Are the pets dressed for the occasion? Some pets even wear suits and dresses at a wedding, so make sure you capture those moments.
  • Some pets also walk down the aisle with flower crowns or while wearing something fancy. Make sure to take those as well.
  • Some weddings have interesting banners worn around their pet’s neck. Make sure to get the right angle to make the story more interesting.

Capture the interaction

Pet portraits show a more interesting story if the pet displays any interaction with other pets or the people around them. Generally, you have to capture that unique interaction, be it with children who are also in the wedding, or other guests. Moreover, you have to take photos of the newlyweds with their fur babies.

If you want to focus on the pet, you can also ask someone who is well acquainted with the pet and ask them to instruct their pet to stay or behave. Pets listen to their masters, and you have to take advantage of that in order to capture amazing portraits.

Be creative

The most important thing is to be creative in taking photos. Of course, you can’t plan and stage all the situations, unlike in engagement shoots, because you’re working with pets.

You can observe the pets first during the start of the wedding and watch out for the circumstances that they have reactions and expressions. Since they don’t have facial expressions, make sure that you capture their eyes to make the photos meaningful.


You can also use different techniques when capturing your pet portraits to make them more creative. For example, you can focus on the pet and blurring who the pet is looking at, perhaps the bride or the groom.

Final Thoughts

Shooting pets at a wedding will test your patience. But if you know a few tricks of the trade, you’ll be successful in getting good shots. You need to be creative when taking photos of pets during the occasion, making sure that you focus on their eyes to make the photos more meaningful.

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