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Wedding Photographer Calarasi, Romania
Calarasi, Ostrov , Romania
Wedding Photographer Ionescu Nicu

It was a trash the dress session and I saw a little hill in the field as I was walking with the couple. It was about 400m from the road. At first I didn’t have the courage to ask the bride if she agreed to have a few shots there, but I did and I was surprised to have a positive answer. I saw the beautiful light and I just followed the sunset. The field was recently plowed and it wasn’t easy, especially for the bride, and considering I was far very away from them I was forced to shout at the top of my voice to direct them.

I used my Canon 5DM III with Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L; ISO 250;1/4000;f/3.5, I also used Canon 6D with 17-40 L for a wider angle and used spot metering. I captured the shot a did, a little editing in photoshop to bring out the contrast and convert to black and white.

I must admit that I was a very lucky, the light was perfect and I’m not sure when I will get suchperfect light again. It was a beautiful day, they both were very understanding considering the field and that the rain was nearly upon us. It was a great day,and we all knew we were getting beautiful memories to look back on.


Wedding Photographer Romania

The Select Bride’s Thoughts

It’s a very strong and bold image, with great light, beautiful clouds and a ray of light shining down on the bride and groom; Perfect.

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