Top Wedding Photographers In Brazil

Continuing our Top Wedding Photographer Series we celebrate Wedding Photography Select’s Top Wedding Photographers in Brazil.The list is compiled from the number of Excellence Awards each wedding photographer has won in our competitions over the years. The WPS Excellence Awards are judged by an esteemed panel of international judges and are held each month.

Congratulations to all who have made the list. These images are a stunning colction of wedding day photos captured bu photographers at the of their wedding photography game.

1.Andre Mansano

Excellence Awards: 44

We love to be there to capture everything on the most beautiful day in a couples life, but you will not find us running around and telling people what to do. We try to walk with a certain naivete and innocence. We seek to capture the events of the wedding day as unfold. We watch the stor,y trying to capture every detail.

Moments are what matter. Moments are unique. Our quest is to perpetuate them all.

2. David Hofman

Excellence Awards: 33

Destination Brazilian photographer serving around the world. I love to be a part of amazing stories and capture the wonderful moments of a wedding day.

His work is a combination of photojournalism and fine art photography. Allowing him to create images that tell stories with an artistic approach.

3. Vinicius Fadul

Excellence Awards: 31

After fighting a terminal cancer, I changed the way of looking at my life, everything has its beauty, even if the sad moments can have a positive side, and a wedding is the greatest of all the happy moments. Life is beautiful, and I want to show the beauty through my eyes, so I became a wedding photographe.

4. Leandro Donato e Tatiane Braga

Excellence Awards: 24

We are a couple of photographers, we are based in Sao Paulo & shoot weddings around the world. Coming from a Family of Photographers, with a philosophy of perpetuating feelings, Donato Photography already has over 80 national and international awards from various prestigious associations.

5. Daniel Ribeiro

Excellence Awards: 18

I’m a wedding photographer in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul. I’m extremely passionate about photography. I’ve had the privilege of photographing over 400 beautiful weddings. I’m a fan of journalism and photos and apply that to my photography style.

6. Diesica Mansano

Excellence Awards: 16

Knowing that every marriage is different always makes us want more. I love what I do.

6. (Joint) Flavio Alvarenga

Excellence Awards: 15

I’m Flavio, a former theater actor who dedicated 9 years of his life to the stage and has always loved art. I’m a playful guy, communicative and I love to know new stories.

7. Sandro Andrade

Excellence Awards: 15

I’m passionate about wedding photography, recording moments, feelings, emotions, these moments are unique. Photographer and WPJA,WPS Award winner.

8. (Joint) Nayara Andrade

Excellence Awards: 15

Traveling to over 15 countries has helped shape my identity. Colors, contrasts, crazy ideas in a mix of smiles, looks, sensations. Yes, my idea is that more than observing, people can feel my photos.

8. Wellington Fugisse

Excellence Awards: 14

I have always read so many books, diving into their stories and narratives, I’ve realized that I became a storyteller. My tool is neither the pen nor a computer keyboard, but a camera. My biggest passion is to meet people who know the importance of the truth and feeling when a story is told. I love this challenge.


Excellence Awards: 11

Jocieldes Alves, married, musician, designer & Artist.
Photography and art was already in me long before I purchased a camera.

My work comes down to happiness. Working with wedding photography makes me certain that I have chosen the best profession in the world.

9. Alfredo Toscano

Excellence Awards: 9

Alfredo Toscano is a wedding photographer specialized in photojournalism, who currently resides in Recife but is available for jobs throughout Brazil. Alfredo is constantly updating himself with the most innovative and current trends and will go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

9. (Joint) Fabiano Nunes

Excellence Awards: 8

Having worked for 10 years at one of the largest photography companies in Brazil, I was able to realize my dream and dedicate myself exclusively to event photography.
Since 2010 I have been outstanding and along with my team we have been elected in the last 4 years as the best event photography company in our city.

10. (Joint) Rafael Benevides

Excellence Awards: 8

I like to photograph people’s feelings. I am touched with the most beautiful things in life, rebirth through the new, change & love.

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