Top 5 Wedding Dress Styles That Will be Popular this Autumn

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Your wedding day is the happiest day in every woman’s life, so it is not surprising that all brides want to be perfectly beautiful during the ceremony. Wedding fashion is constantly changing, and those whose wedding is occurring in 2017 will no doubt be very curious as to the current trends. Look through our review of most fascinating trends of famous wedding designers that boggle the imagination and will be popular this autumn to select your perfect attire.


Everybody knows that a wedding gown should be white because white color symbolizes innocence. Stop! What did you say? The most crucial moment in your life should be memorable first of all; therefore, many fashion designers have already reconsidered the concept of a “purely white dress.” Gold, blue, petal pink, primrose yellow, ivory, and gold are the most popular colors for bridal gowns nowadays. Such designers as Jenny Packham, Monique Lhuillier, and others offer brides a great variety of these pastel colors. Hence, you can choose a variant you like most.



Another fashionable trend from wedding designers is off-shoulder dresses. Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, and other couturiers offer many dresses with open shoulders to make a bride-to-be look more romantic. If you want to look like a fairy-tale princess, pay your attention to such a beautiful detail.



Many modern brides prefer minimalism in the wedding style. Certainly, such designers as Temperley, Lela Rose, and Vera Wang support this direction. Clean lines, simple silhouettes and a lack or even total absence of embellishments on dresses mean that comfort is also important for brides-to-be. So, if you like this plain style, you will have a great variety of dresses to choose from this fall.


Many Layers

Despite modern fashion, many still remember bridal classics – a white dress made of many layers of lace. Therefore, if you prefer this classic style pay your attention to the dresses from Costarellos, Marchesa and Yolan Cris collections. You will like them very much!



Ever more brides prefer comfortable dresses for wedding ceremonies. Hence, you can easily meet such things as… trousers, for example. Even if bridal gown with trousers seems nonsense, look at the wedding collection of Monique Lhuillier, and you will see that it is possible. Moreover, many designers, e.g., Houghton, Elizabeth Fillmore, offer special wedding jumpsuits for those who want to move actively during the ceremony. Another advantage of such an unusual decision is that these jumpsuits can be sewed down from different materials, for instance, wool – it will be a good choice for marriage late autumn when the weather is not so hot.

Certainly, wedding fashion trends of this year give brides-to-be an excellent opportunity to choose the most beautiful, comfortable, and colourful clothes for their most memorable day. The birthday of a new family is always a great event, and a great variety of fashion trends gives full freedom of choice!


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