Top 17 Special Wedding Gifts For Men

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While many believe that the wedding day primarily revolves around the bride, it’s essential to make the groom feel loved and special too. That said, it’s crucial to have a wedding gift for the groom ready to make the day truly memorable for them as well.

The groom’s wedding gift can range from something to help him get ready on the wedding day to anything else. Whichever the case, the gift should be unique and personalized. While, in most cases, brides are the ones gifting the groom, it’s also lovely for the parents and friends to show love and congratulate the groom with a gift.

If you’re wondering which gift is suitable for the soon-to-be husband, here are some wedding gifts for men that’ll make them remember and appreciate their wedding day for the rest of their life.

  • Unique Tie

The groom’s tie doesn’t have to match their wedding crew’s. Get them a unique tie to help them stand out from the rest. Get a polka-dot tie to add an excellent subtle pattern to their attire. Since there are many colours to choose from, picking the one that sits well on them won’t be a challenge.

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  • Honeymoon Luggage

After the wedding, the bride and the groom will leave for their honeymoon. That said, both will require luggage to carry their essentials with them for the trip.

Therefore, it’ll be helpful to shop for high-quality luggage for the groom. It’s recommended that you opt for a sustainable suitcase made from recycled materials since they’re more durable. Also, ensure that the luggage is stylish and lightweight, with several compartments to fit the essentials the groom needs to bring for their honeymoon.

  • Engraved Work Bag

If you’re trying to get a man a special wedding gift, then something personalized to them is usually a great place to start. Why not give a personalised laptop bag that they will use every day for work, something they will find useful and remember the thoughtful gift you gave them for many years to come.

Laptop Bag from Von Baer

  • Wooden Flask

There are many flasks out there, but a wooden one is more likely to stand out. A wooden flask looks stylish and expensive, even if it isn’t. Go the extra mile and fill it with their favourite liquor to make their big day enjoyable.

  • Personalized Multi-Tool

If you’re looking forward to gifting the groom something that’ll be useful for decades, why not settle for a personalized multi-tool? Since there are many multi-tools available on the market, pick one with parts that can be personalized into patterns or graphics.

  • Custom Couple Portrait

A custom couple portrait is a perfect groom gift from the bride. Make it a watercolour portrait customized with their names, wedding vows, or wedding date. While this gift might take a while before it’s finished, it’s worth waiting.

  • New Cologne

Cologne is also another perfect wedding gift for the groom. Shop for one with a fresh scent, just the way they like. It’s advisable to stick to their liking to ensure the gift is worth investing in.

  • High-Tech Wallet

A wedding day might be the best time to replace their old wallet. If their current wallet is out of order, celebrate a new beginning with a high-tech wallet. Currently, there are new slim designs with intelligent features such as an immediate card-access mechanism and some space for optional tracking devices.

  • Wrist Watch

A watch has been considered the groom’s best wedding gift for decades. In some cases, a watch is given before the wedding as an engagement watch. If you’re looking forward to buying a wristwatch for the groom, pick the one matching their style and interests. For instance, if they’re a whisky lover, you can settle for a watch made from retrieved whisky barrels for uniqueness.

Luxury Watches
  1. Pocket Comb

Are they a lover of hair? If yes, why not gift them a high-quality, durable pocket comb. While it might seem insignificant, a pocket comb is vital for individuals who love their hair and beard to look stunning all the time.

  1. High-Class Ring Dish

Sometimes, it’s necessary to take off a wedding ring, for instance, when at the gym. In such an event, ensure they don’t misplace their wedding ring by gifting them a high-class ring dish. There are many options on the market, including wooden ones that can be customized with names or initials.

  1. Golden Chain

Upgrade their jewellery collection with a luxury golden chain. Besides being an expensive gift, a golden chain will perfectly match most of his outfits.

  1. Groom Robe

Like brides and bridesmaids, the groom also requires warmth on the morning of the wedding. Thus, a groom’s robe might be something they might need. Settle for a personalized, long, and cozy robe to keep them warm on the morning of the wedding and the night after.

  1. Classic Sunglasses

A groom’s look might be incomplete without sunglasses. They may need them during or after the wedding ceremony. Therefore, look for classic sunglasses suitable for an event like a wedding.

  1. Clothes Hanger

The groom will need something to hang their clothes. Therefore, cute clothes hangers personalized with their name or initials can make a perfect gift. Settle for black, white, or natural wood for a more classic look. Whenever they pick shirts from the hangers, they’ll never forget how thoughtful you were.

  1. Engraved Tie Bar

Surprise them when they’re getting ready with an engraved tie bar with a message. The message can be something like ‘I’ll love you forever or Meet me at the altar.’ As small as the gift might seem, they’ll forever remember how excited you were on your wedding day.

  1. Suspenders

Take their wedding outfit a notch higher with personalized suspenders. Consider customizing the suspenders with their initials to make them look outstanding. Besides being applicable on the wedding day, suspenders will always find a place among their outfit whenever they feel like going for a classic look.


During a wedding, giving gifts is considered solicitous. A groom is required to surprise their bride with unique gifts and vice versa. Also, it’s thoughtful for parents and friends to gift the newlyweds. Whether it’s a bride or loved ones looking for a perfect gift for the groom, the ones mentioned above will ensure the groom feels loved and treasured.

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