Top 12 Most Luxurious Dessert Brands You Could Serve On The Big Day

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There are a lot of things you need to make your big day perfect. One of the most important parts of your wedding is food. As well as serving dinner, you’ll need to have dessert. If you want your guests to have a magical mouth-watering experience, one of these twelve brands around the world should be your pick.

1. Sugar Flower Cake Company

If you find yourself looking to Ireland for help for your big day, you can be sure that the luck of the Irish will be on your side. The Sugar Flower Cake Company is well known for creating cake masterpieces. The cake will be matched to the theme and colors of your wedding, completing your magical experience of tying the knot.

2. Mariage Frères

This is one brand which has a very long history originating in Paris. The French sophistication and taste are still evident today, as these desserts won’t be like anything you’ve tried before. The company is famous for infusing tea into their chocolates, thus creating something truly unique, prestigious, and worth serving on your big day.

3. Guylian

Belgium is famous for many things, their fine cuisine and desserts being one of them. If you opt for this brand as your wedding favourite, you’re going to enjoy the richest tastes of chocolate that Belgium can offer. They’re most famous for their chocolate seashells and seahorses, thus ideal for a wedding with a sea theme. Or, if you planned to have seafood on the menu, the dessert will be a perfect companion.

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4. Montezuma

If you’re looking for a company which makes their desserts and fine chocolates entirely by hand, you’re in the right place. The company likes to play with their packaging, too, making the desserts extra special for any wedding. Another piece of good news is that this company delivers to the USA as well as all over the UK, meaning you you’ll easily obtain your desserts, wherever you are.

5. Friars

Those leading a vegan lifestyle may have a hard time finding a dessert brand which suits their lifestyle. Fear no more, you won’t have to miss out on deliciousness just because you’re vegan. Friars takes this information into account and comes up with the best vegan desserts you’ll ever try.

6. Le Chocolat

Those looking for authentic French prestige will find it in the hands of Alain Ducasse, under the name “Le Chocolat.” This luxurious brand offers everything you can possibly want out of your chocolate boxes for your big day. As well as that, it’s adamant in proving that you’ll never try a piece of chocolate as good as this one.

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7. Maison Pierre Marcolini

Even though this brand originates from Brussels, the company’s goal is to mix the most unexpected tastes from different cultures and create something wonderful. If you select this brand for your wedding, you’ll have the whole world on the dessert menu at your wedding.

8. Amazing Cakes

Just as the name suggests, these cakes are simply amazing. This is a small family business that quickly became famous in Ireland for its well-designed wedding cakes. The secret to their success is that they work closely with the bride and groom, ensuring you’re part of every step of the process and delivering absolute perfection every time.

9. Lindt & Sprugli

If you take your chocolate seriously, then you should turn to the masters of the finest chocolate in the world: the Swiss. This brand originates in Switzerland and is determined to live up to their heritage. A special treat for your wedding would definitely be their dark chocolate.

10. Zest Patisserie

With so many delicious items on the menu, Zest Patisserie seems to be an Australian favorite. This company ensures your wedding day is magical by offering conventional but delicious cakes you’ll be proud to serve.

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As well as that, they’re home to Australia’s best untraditional wedding desserts such as tarts, cupcakes, and crumbles.

11. Prestat

If you’re looking for desserts worthy of royalty, check out the UK’s prestigious Prestat. This will truly be a dessert like no other, as the company’s best seller is their chocolate boxes. You can choose from a wide array of boxes, all filled with different kinds of chocolate.

12. Hummingbird Bakery

On the other hand, if you’re hung up on England but would like something more traditional, check out the Hummingbird Bakery. Based in London, this bakery has blessed many couples with their superb wedding cakes. You can consult the expert team of bakers on what kind of cake would suit your wedding the most. The sky’s the limit.


Whichever dessert and brand you choose, you’re not going to be disappointed. These brands are famous all over the world and continue to impress numerous brides and grooms, as well as their guests.

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