Top 11 Wedding Photo Editing Services

Wondering where to find a reliable and professional wedding photo editing service? Sometimes it is a real challenge to choose an efficient company to outsource your photo editing.

I decided to test and sent my bridal portrait to 11 most popular wedding photo editing services. I ordered color correction and portrait retouching.

In this review, I would like to evaluate these 11 companies, review their final photo and whether they met all my requirements. If you’re interested, you may read about other 25 professional photo editing services.


FixThePhoto is a popular wedding image retouching service that works 24/7. It performs first-class photo culling, beautiful color correction, natural wedding photo edits, and awesome portrait enhancement.

I received natural color correction with the ideal skin color balance. Her stray hair is perfectly removed. As for photo retouching, it was done very well. My photo was ready in 1 day! The portrait looks like the wedding magazine cover. Everything looks perfect but natural.

Fix The Photo is the first service in my list because it’s a good choice for any wedding photographer who needs fast, affordable, and realistic results.

There are several ways to make an order: you can send the files via Dropbox, Email or Wetransfer. Their price policy is quite reasonable, from $0.20 per photo. There are seasonal and bulk order discounts.

What I like that these guys have an online store where you can download Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets for wedding photography enhancement. I recommend their editing wedding photos services, especially in high wedding season


WeEditPhotos is good at portrait and wedding photography editing. This wedding photo editing service display many before and after photo samples for you to see the way they edit photos.

I received high-class photo retouching and color correction. Beautiful skin color and texture, realistic blemishes removal, enhanced make-up.

To make an order, it is possible to use Dropbox, Email or Wetransfer too. My image was delivered in four days. But the result is worth it.

WeEditPhotos provides reasonably-priced services. If you have many photos to edit, it’s better to choose $99 or $199 packages. A great advantage for returning clients is a beneficial growing discount system.

Wedding Retouching

WeddingRetouching proves its perfect reputation by providing excellent wedding photo editing. The website navigation is very easy, the interface is pleasant, the photo samples look professional.

The result is awesome: I received the picture with professionally-done color correction. The bride’s skin had a natural and sharp look. Its pastel touch is amazing.

As soon as you approve your order, it will be completed in 2-3 business days. I’ve got my portrait photo in 2 days which takes more time comparing to FixThePhoto and WeEditPhotos. In winter, it is possible to get a discount.


ShootDotEdit is an average wedding photo editing service. Color correction is done not very well. I don’t like her skin as the face is too smoothed and pinky but her neck is not. Stray hair isn’t perfectly removed too.

They meet all clients’ demands and follow the individual style. Nevertheless, Shootdotedit has some drawbacks. The prices are too high – you should pay $119 or $299 per month without any discount. Moreover, the site navigation is rather complicated. There are no before/after photos which is rather frustrating.

I think the best advantages of this company are 30-day free trial along with its friendly and efficient client support. The customer can take control of the whole process, for example, discuss the details with the wedding photo editor as well as setting the requirements.


The company’s website is simple to use and has a convenient ordering system, but I wish its design to be more modern. You can easily find the photo editing price list. Currently, there is an advantageous spring sale where it is possible to receive a discount of up to 40%.

I like that the all before/after photos are available in a single place, but I don’t like their size and quality. If you are going to send a lot of images, it is better to create a file transfer protocol account.

In spite of the fact that the customer support works well, they didn’t meet all my color correction and retouch requirements completely. It is unacceptable for one of the leading editing wedding photos services. Although they completed the order fast, after all, it took plenty of time to wait for my photos re-editing. I can say with certainty that ColorExpertsBD provides an average service and doesn’t provide advanced image editing.


TheImageSalon works with wedding and commercial photography as well as with portraiture. The site looks nice and has good before/after photo samples. I like the customer support which turned to be really helpful.

They have a personal approach to each client. This wedding photo editing service meets all your demands and performs picture retouch according to your style. As for me, the main disadvantage is that they do not submit their prices for image retouching services.

If you use the service for the first time, you can receive a 25% discount. TheImageSalon positions itself as a fast delivery service, but I can’t say that the end results impressed me a lot. This company offers neither special services nor advanced image post-processing.


My first impression of the PhotograpgersEdit website was great. But when I started using it, I was rather disappointed by its usability. They do their work fast and have affordable prices. Moreover, you can receive a 40% discount on the first order.

However, the company cannot boast a great variety of services. In addition, if you upload the photos in RAW format, you will be charged an extra fee.  I tested their customer service and it turned out to be slow. I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of color correction and picture retouching. The portrait looks too photoshopped and her skin color is awful.


Picsera website is rather difficult to use. I tried to understand its complex structure so it was time-consuming to make an order. I think that complicated site navigation is not the biggest disadvantage.

They have a free trial, the prices are not high but the image retouching is bad. Now my model looks like an alien. Haven’t they seen her green skin color? I think they use uncalibrated monitors.


FreedomEdits has a very user-friendly website which is convenient to work with. Nevertheless, this company has some downsides. FreedomEdits is a British wedding photography edit service, so you should use the pound as a currency of payment. Despite the fact that the prices are high, the quality of the color correction and image retouching could be better.

The picture editing was performed unskillfully. It took a long time until they have delivered my order. So, the quality and delivery time aren’t worth the price.


EvolveEdits has a very complex design. There are a lot of dialog menus that can confuse anyone. If it comes to quality-to-price ratio, the cost of some wedding photo editing services is unreasonable.

During the process of making an order, I had to provide a lot of unnecessary information. I received photo retouching of poor quality, so I requested to perform re-editing. It took pretty much time until I received my pictures with an acceptable quality of photo editing. In general, I’ve got unsatisfactory results, that is why EvolveEdits is number ten on my list.


I am really dissatisfied with the work of UShootVEdit. Their website doesn’t include before/after photo examples, so you have no idea what you are going to pay for. My wedding photography editing was completed amateurishly.

UShootVEdit doesn’t have a personal approach to each client and it seems as if the customer support doesn’t work at all. The only upside is their low prices, but they can’t make up for the awful result and extremely slow delivery. Their service leaves a lot to be desired, so you would better make an order in another company.

Summing up, it is rather difficult to find the ideal wedding photo editing service. Even websites with perfect reputation may have some downsides. If you want to receive a first-rate photo editing assistance, I recommend approaching such companies as FixThePhoto, WeEditPhotos or Wedding Retouching. You can rely on them because they provide top-class image editing, meet your requirements, and really enhance your photos.

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