4 Brilliant Tips On Editing Your Wedding Photographs For Social Media

Wedding photography is no piece of cake – not only do you have to get all the photos right, but you also have the added pressure of knowing you’re documenting a day that’s really important for someone. This means the photos need to come out as amazing as possible, and not a lot of people realize that a lot of the magic that makes wedding photos – well, magical – happens after the photos are taken.

That’s right. A lot of what photographers can’t achieve when it comes to the lighting, the venue, and the aesthetic, they make up for when they’re editing the photos. In case you’re thinking about covering a wedding, or even if you want to have your photos come out as good as if you had hired a professional photographer to take them, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’re going to talk about some tips and tricks that will make editing wedding photographs super easy for you.

Avoid Destructive Editing

One of the biggest mistakes new photographers and Instagram influencers can make is making all the edits on original photos – this means that all the changes you make on the files are permanent, and that the original unedited photo is lost forever.

It’s a big no-go when it comes to editing any kind of photos, not just wedding photos. Having copies of the originals on hand means you’ll be able to edit them later in case your clients want their photos edited differently.

Organization is Key

Weddings aren’t just a five minute event, and photographing the whole day can leave you with hundreds of photos at the end. Of course, you can’t add all of them to your album at the end, and only some of them will really make the cut.

On the other hand, organization also means keeping the wants of the couple in mind. You can ask them what photos are most important to them, and what people they’ll want special shots of in their final wedding album. It also pays to keep in mind anything that was special to them in the final edited photos, and to go from there.

There might be some strange requests, like making someone smile in the wedding photos who was the only one not smiling in a particular group shot (which you can do like this), but you’ll have to keep your personal opinions about them to yourself.

Stick to Your Mood Board

A lot of times, people have set expectations for what they want their wedding photos to look like at the end of the day. You can clearly communicate those expectations with the couple before the wedding with the help of mood boards and sample photographs, and then keep those photographs close while you work.

This will allow you to make sure the wedding photos end up looking like the married couple wants, and it can even help you figure out if your job can be done more quickly with the help of already available presets. If the presets you have don’t fit the bill but you found one that’s pretty close to what you want, you can use it and then edit it a little bit yourself until it fits your style.

Get Creative

We talked about using presets, but you need to be careful not to get too stuck up on them. Creating the perfect wedding photographs sometimes just comes down to using your creativity, and tinkering with effects like the soft focus and vignettes will probably add a really nice touch to your photos.

Black and white wedding photography, too, is something that’s not commonly done in wedding photos but can look really nice, and while a lot of cameras have black and white modes, adding them in the editing process usually leads to better photos in the end.

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