Tips for Coping With a Rainy Wedding Day

You can get married any time of the year and each season has its appeal; summer is one of the most popular times for a wedding because you’ve got more chance of having a warm, sunny day. However, there’s no guarantee what the weather will bring especially in a country like the UK, so if your wedding day is coming up and the forecast is for rain, it’s best to have a plan in place in case the forecast is right.

As your wedding is likely to be arranged and a date fixed many months in advance, you can’t check an accurate long-range weather forecast to predict what the weather will be like, and you could end up with the only wet day in August! If things aren’t looking good as the time approaches, there are a number of ways you can prepare for the worst weather while hoping for the best.


There are some amazing locations across the country which have the facilities for a garden wedding venue, where your entire ceremony and reception can take place if you wish. When you’re looking at the choice of venues, talk to them about contingency plans for a wet day. A good venue will be able to offer alternative arrangements in the case of bad weather, for example moving everything indoors or to a marquee if it’s raining or windy. If the venue you’re looking at can’t provide an alternative, it may be best to look elsewhere, because an inescapably wet wedding is not going to be the happiest day of your life.


Your photographs are one of the main ways in which you record your special day and are able to look back on it later. Therefore, choosing the right photographer is essential so you can be sure of capturing your special day in a way that reflects the event perfectly. Look for a photographer who can adapt to inclement conditions or poor lighting, so that if it’s overcast or starts to rain, you still get some lovely wedding photos.


You may not be able to alter your catering arrangements close to the big day, but in general, whatever you’ve ordered for your reception should be fine. For instance, summer weddings should be all about enjoying the warm weather and sunshine and ice cream is a popular choice for desserts in summer, but luckily most people are happy to eat ice cream even if the weather’s not very good, so it won’t be too much of an issue! One neat idea is to have a barbecue, which is ideal for any weather conditions – as long as your venue can cook under cover if it does rain.

You can give your guests a hand by making sure there are plenty of umbrellas for them to use, because they’re unlikely to have brought their own for a summer wedding, and check that they’ll be able to get from wedding to reception without having to negotiate potentially muddy or slippery paths. Taking a few simple precautions means you won’t have to worry about it too much on the day; and who knows, that forecast might not be accurate anyway!

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