Photo Of The Day: A Timeless Wedding Photo By Adrian Moscaliuc

Wedding Photographer Suceava, Romania
Rarau Mountains, Bucovina, Romania
Wedding Photographer Adrian Moscaliuc

My name is Adrian Moscaliuc and I am a professional wedding photographer based in Suceava, Romania. My photography approach is simple, but at the same time I like to offer diversity in my final work. I love to push myself and to try new ideas and take different approaches to my work, but for me the most important moments are those between the couple and their family and friends. Real, strong moments like hugs, tears, laughter, craziness.

The idea in the photo is “She is in his heart”. I used double exposure and symbolism so the photo could transmit something, a feeling. It’s not just enough to use double exposure without a message shining through in the image. The idea was planned before the shooting, it wasn’t something I discovered on the spot. There were no real difficulties when I took the shot, I knew what I wanted to achieve before I took the shot.

For composition I used the the rule of thirds, and I placed the bride on the position of groom’s heart to enhance the main idea “She is in his heart”. The bride looks to the right of the photo, to the “future” of them. The groom’s face isn’t in the photo to add some mystery.

I used double exposure in the camera & I used Nikon D4s + Nikon 85 f/1.4 in natural light. The settings are: 1/200, f/2, ISO 1000, Auto White Balance shot in manual mode.

Post processing work I tried to create a film look. I used dodge & burn technique to lighten and darken areas in the photo. For contrast I used “Tonal Contrast” from “Color Efex Pro 4”. Also I added some cyan & orange colors in the bottom corners.

I love the final result. The light, the colors, the composition. I think the couple love the result because it transmits something, a feeling. The photo shoot was great, the couple had a great vibe and great energy, because of that I had the courage to try new things and push myself.


Wedding Photographer Romania


Wedding Photography Select’s Thoughts.

We loved the understated subtlety and mystery of this image and the tone of the image really creates a vintage and timeless feeling.


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