Photo Of The Day: A Tender & Intimate Moment Between A Bride & Her Son

Wedding Photographer Romania
Alba Iulia, Romania
Podarelu Casian Wedding Photography

In the photo it’s the bride’s son. I always chat the to bride and groom before the wedding and from the chat I had with the bride I understood that she wants a special photo to cherish from the bridal preparations where her son would be present. I wanted to create an intimate moment with them and when I saw this moment I had to capture it. There were no real challenges taking this shot, everything speaks for itself. My position was a simple one, I sat at the same level with the subject and left everything happen, so it was a completely natural moment without any interference. I decided that the photo should be black and white so nothing would distract from this beautiful and simple moment.

I think that the couple will love this photo but they haven’t seen it yet, it’s a very recent wedding.


Wedding Photographer Romania

The Select Bride’s Thoughts

This is lovely touching and delicate moment between the little boy and the bride. Great black and white conversion enhancing the mood of the image.

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