Photo Of The Day: Stunning Dessert Wedding Image By Raun Redelinghuys

Wedding Photographer Western Cape, South Africa
Le Mirage Hotel, Sossusvlei dessert, Namibia
Wedding Photographer Raun Redelinghuys

I’m a South African Wedding & Portrait photographer based in the Garden Route. I’ve been photographing weddings for over 10 years and have experienced some of the most incredible places, met inspiring clients and witnessed incredible moments in and around South Africa throughout the years.

The Shot

When the couple booked me, they requested an image with the Night Sky of Namibia and the two of them, ideally one with the venue in the backround. We calculated the time for the latest that we can shoot while still having the moon visible but also the least ambient light and most stars. While setting up for the requested image during the evening reception we noticed that the moon is visible on the horizon and that another shot might work just as well or even better than the one planned. We adjusted, asked the couple to stand perfectly still for about 10 seconds and shot the whole scene with only ambient light form the venue. It took 3-4 frames before we moved to the next scene.

Keeping the couple perfectly still and balancing the exposure correctly throughout the frame proved challenging. Slight movement on the wedding dress moving from the breeze can be seen close to their feet.

The couple was positioned to stand in an area that had enough ambient light from the venue to ensure that we did not have to shoot with any artificial light. I shot the frame at 28mm to minimize the distortion on the edges and to be able to compose the couple bottom centre. The focus was on the night sky which is two thirds of the final image.

Techinical Details

Canon 5D MK3, Canon EF 16-35 f2.8, Sirui EN2204 Tripod.
10s, f5.6, 1600ISO.

I kept the shutter open for as short time as possible to ensure that we have the couple standing still and kept the aperture at 5.6 to balance between sharpness and amount of light.

I metered for the highlights on the couple and then adjusted to ensure that enough of the night sky was visible.

All the post processing was completed in Lightroom and Photoshop. Emphasis was on keeping the highlights in check for the foreground and making sure that enough detail stays in the night sky to ensure that the stars remain clear and visible.

The black and white carried a clearer version of the images than a colour one.

I am pretty happy with this shot, it is an incredible location to shoot at and we wanted to create a different perspective in addition to the standard images that are created in this area.

The couple trusted us with the ideas and concepts throughout our time in Namibia, even when some of the ideas meant that we were out in the dessert sun during the hottest parts of the day.

Wedding Photographer South Africa

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A stunning image, beautiful location, beautiful couple, just a stunning timeless image.

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