Incredible Wedding Cake Designs by Nevie-Pie Cakes

Here at The Select Bride we almost couldn’t believe our eyes when we came across these absolutely stunning wedding cake designs by Nevie-Pie Cakes. It is so refreshing to see such great execution of a stylish and modern alternative to the traditional wedding cake. We speak to designer, author and founder of Nevie-Pie Cakes Natasha Collins about her cakes and what inspires her…

Hi Natasha, tell us a bit about yourself and why you started Nevie-Pie Cakes…

My degree is in Graphic Design, although I specialised in illustration. After a year working as an illustrator, I spent 5 years working as a textile designer for a studio in Manchester, before moving to work for the new London office of a New York fashion design company, where I rose to become the Assistant Art Director.

While on maternity leave I needed a design challenge that would fit around my new life as a mother, and turned to my childhood love of baking. I found that I was putting more and more time and effort into creating spectacular cakes for my children. Frustrated with my poor piping skills I quickly discovered a technique for using food colours on fondant to create a painted cake. I could never have imagine the response these cakes would have created, and this led in 2008 to me starting my own company, Nevie-Pie Cakes, and beginning to bake and decorate professionally.

Now as well as creating cakes I travel around the world to teach my techniques and I have authored two book, The Painted Cake (available now) and The Homemade Wedding Cake (released in July) both are published by Murdoch books.

nevie-pie watercolour deer

What is your favourite cake in the collection, and why?

My favourite cake is probably the ‘Shower The People You Love, With Love’ cake (see main image). This was inspired by a James Taylor song. My parents are big James Taylor fans and they have given me a love of his music too. I also love this cake because it uses my skills as an illustrator.

nevie-pie cambridge

What trends have you seen emerging recently in the world of wedding cakes?

Painted cakes are still a big trend, but they have moved to a more watercolour feel, with washes of colour and texture. Gold and metallic cakes are also very fashionable. There is a trend for a really big cake, with taller tiers, most of these are dummy tiers though. I have also heard of a quite a few cakes being made totally from dummy tiers with a sheet cake for cutting up. However I am on a personal crusade to start a new trend of flatter tiers, as the extra tall tiers are so hard to make!

nevie-pie ruffle cake

Tell us about what inspires you…

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, but I don’t like to look at too many cakes. I tend to be inspired by textiles, paper, illustration and I like to look at real flowers and flower arrangements. A recent cake I made was inspired by a bonsai style tree I found  on Pinterest, and the photo was so dramatic that I wanted to use the shape in cake form, I was really happy with the finished design. I like to give myself challenges and surprise people with something that they wouldn’t expect me to make.

nevie-pie japanese cake

What can brides expect to see in future Nevie-Pie collections?

Definitely some flatter cakes! I am also using wafer paper in a lot of new designs, it has a lovely light delicate feel and you can make some fabulous roses with it. I also have plans to experiment with some new techniques and unusual colourways, however you can guarantee that there will be lots of florals!
nevie-pie plush gold
For more information on Nevie-Pie Cakes please visit their website here, contact Natasha at or call 07986 534746.
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