10 Tips For Planning For A Rainy Day Wedding

Obviously no one dreams of getting married in the rain, pulling your train through mud, your makeup running as the groom frantically wrings out his overcoat between the ceremony and the reception – rainy day weddings are not ideal…

But in the UK, no matter how hard you pray, there is a very good chance that it will rain on your wedding day.

For most couples, this would spell disaster. But with a bit of careful planning, you can come up with a contingency plan that might even have you hoping for rain. Here’s our top 10 tips…

1. Invest in great umbrellas

If it does rain, you will need an umbrella, fact. Go for high quality umbrellas for the bride and groom, which will look great in the background of your photos. Clear umbrellas are always a reliable option, as they won’t obstruct the view for your guests.

wedding in the rain
Wedding photographer Fabio Mirulla, Italy

2. Customise your wellies

If there’s even a chance of rain, you’re going to need a spare set of shoes. Unleash your inner child by donning wellies under your dress and jumping in puddles. For an extra special touch, have your wellies customised with the bride and groom’s names.

3. Choose a versatile photographer

It may rain on your wedding day, or it may not. Either way, you need to make sure your photographer is up to the task. Ask to see examples of their rainy day images so you know that you are in good hands. Raindrops look like fireflies in black and white images, especially if set against a bright light

4. Use waterproof make-up

Let’s face it, even if it doesn’t rain on your big day, you’re probably going to be crying at some point. Ask your makeup artist to choose waterproof mascara, and finish off any dark eye makeup with a waterproof sealer.

5. Channel the power of hot chocolate

It’s customary to offer your guests a cocktail or soft drink between the ceremony and the reception, but if it’s raining they may prefer something warm. Speak to your vendors about creating a warm cocktail (e.g. Irish coffee or mulled cider), or a rich hot chocolate to serve to guests as they come in from the rain.

Singing in the rain
Wedding photographer Philippe Nieus, Belgium

6. Supersize your veil

A long veil is fairy tale-pretty, but it takes on a whole new level of beauty in the rain. Let it whip around your face, or blow out long behind you for a dramatic effect.

7. Get wedding insurance

A bit of rain is one thing, but a serious storm could force you to cancel your wedding altogether. When the average wedding costs £25,000, this is not a risk worth taking. A good wedding insurance policy should protect you from Mother Nature and help you to reschedule your dream day.

bride with umbrella
Wedding photographer Thomas Carlton, United States

8. Trash your dress

The ‘trash your dress’ movement has really gained momentum over the past couple of years. Essentially, you wait until after the reception and then you go to town on your wedding dress, running into the sea; trailing it through mud; or simply standing in the rain. There is something very freeing about messing up the most expensive dress you’ve ever owned, and it creates a strangely beautiful juxtaposition between delicate white fabric and wet dirt.

9. Have a Plan B

If you had intended to have an outdoor ceremony, or times during the day when you’ve planned for your guests to be outside make sure you have a back up plan. No-one wants to be eating canapés and making small talk in the driving rain. Make sure there are rooms available at your venue just in case.

10. Dance in the rain

Kick up your heels, twirl under an umbrella, or catch raindrops on your tongue. It’s romantic, it’s playful and you will end up with some amazing photographs that are 100% unique to you.


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